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Severe Weather

  • For information on parking during a severe weather situation, click here.

In the event that severe weather conditions threaten to disrupt class and/or administrative office schedules, the primary concern will be the safety and welfare of the students, faculty and staff. In such situations, the following plan will be initiated:

The President (or designee) will contact the Pennsylvania State Police and/or Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to ascertain the condition of roads accessing Kutztown University. In addition, the President (or designee) will confer with the Facilities Department to evaluate potential difficulties in keeping campus roads and parking areas cleared throughout the day.

The President (or designee) may confer with other members of the cabinet to develop a recommendation on the status of classes/administrative offices. If severe weather conditions exist prior to the start of the class/administrative office schedule, a decision will be made as early as is reasonably possible.

The President may invoke one of the following three options:
The bolded copy is how the message will be stated in news announcements.

  1. *KUTZTOWN UNIVERSITY, CLASSES BEGIN AT ____/SEVERE WEATHER LEAVE. If the classes and/or administrative office day have yet to begin, a delayed class schedule may be put into effect. Essential employees must report at regular time, unless otherwise directed. All staff employees must report on time or use severe weather leave.
  2. *KUTZTOWN UNIVERSITY, CLASSES CANCELED/SEVERE WEATHER LEAVE. This decision will be made prior to or during the class and/or administrative office schedule. If the class schedule has begun, classes may be curtailed for the remainder of the day at a designated hour including evening classes. Essential employees must remain and/or report, unless otherwise directed and all offices are open. All staff employees must report on time, remain at work or utilize severe weather leave. 
  3. *KUTZTOWN UNIVERSITY, CLOSED. In dangerous or extreme weather conditions the university will be closed. Essential employees must remain and/or report, unless otherwise directed. Except in the rare case of multiple consecutive full day closings (RE: Management Directive 530.17), other employees are not required to take leave.

In severe weather conditions, safety is foremost. Each individual non-essential employee will have factors unique to his/her situation and must decide if travel in inclement weather is appropriate. However, non-essential employees must inform their supervisor/department chairperson of their decision to remain at home and must take appropriate leave.

Severe Weather Leave - Non-Instructional Employees must utilize annual, personal or documented compensatory time for work missed if they choose to leave campus or not report to work. Under conditions of Severe Weather Leave, all supervisors/department chairpersons will grant submitted leave requests. (In the absence of available paid leave, Leave Without Pay - AO will be approved).