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Election Day is Tuesday Nov. 3, 2015.  Are you registered to vote?

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Voting is not only your right; it's your responsibility. The National Voter Registration Act strives to make it possible for every member of the Kutztown University community to register to vote. This gives us a chance to increase dramatically the number of voters in our college communities.

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KU Students may obtain a sticker at the KU Card Office in located in 107 Academic Forum in order to use your KU ID as a valid form of ID on Election Day. 

Key date for the 2015 elections   

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Voter ID

All voters will be asked to present photo ID when they appear at the polls to vote, but they will be allowed to cast a regular ballot without a photo ID. Voters who are voting for the first time in a polling place are still required under existing law to present a form of ID.

Your KU ID card may be used if it has dated sticker.  KU Students may obtain a sticker at the KU Card Office located in the Academic Forum.

KU Card Office

History of Voting