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Sociology Program

Sociology is the study of how society is organized, as well as how social groups, organizations, and institutions shape people's lives throughout the world. This program provides training in scientific, evidence-based methods for studying the social world, teaches respect and appreciation for others, and identifies opportunities and strategies for change that can improve society.


Program/Course Highlights

At KU, in addition to our minor and major, we offer specializations in:

  • Diversity & Inequality
  • Family
  • Social Order & Deviant Behavior

Our Diversity & Inequality Track includes courses that examine the role of race, class, and gender in social life that prepare students for an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. Our Family Track includes courses that look at intimate relationships and marriage, as well as childhood and adolesence. Students who wish to specialize in this track may find future employment in human and social service agencies, as well as in human resource departments. Our Social Order & Deviant Behavior Track includes courses on white collar crime, juvenile delinquency, and domestic abuse. Students who chose to specialize in this track may find future opportunities in advocacy groups, as well as work within the criminal justice system. For more information visit our Careers in Sociology page.

In addition to our specializations, we offer a flexible curriculum that includes courses crosslisted with Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Psychology and Social Work.