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Annual Winter-Weather information announcement

Dear KU Campus Community:

During the winter-weather season, there are several important reminders for everyone to keep in mind:

University Weather Delays, Cancellations and Closing Information

University information can be obtained in several ways:

The decision to open, delay or close the university due to poor weather is always a difficult one. Our facilities staff monitors the weather and conditions on-campus throughout the night, and makes a recommendation to the administration by 5 a.m. It is at that point that we begin our notification process to the campus community. Although it is our goal to have the campus access ways as clear as possible when we are open in these situations, we judge our ability to be ready for business once the main ADA-compliant entrance doors are ready for use. 

While we reserve our judgments to open, close or delay operations until 6 a.m., we have had to decide to close the university after 6 a.m., as conditions deteriorate.  If you are commuting, please be sure to check-in with our weather hotline, monitor your texts, or check one of our official outlets for any changes in the business status of the university (always be safe when checking-in during your commute).

Ultimately, it is important for each of you to make a decision based on your safety and comfort level when traveling in poor weather conditions. Please be sure to keep open communication with professors and/or supervisors in such instances.

Emergency Snow Lots on Campus

Emergency snow lots have been designated as follows:  lot A-2 (near Beekey), lot B-1 (front of Grim), and lot F-1 (behind Stratton Administration).  These lots have all been appropriately signed as snow lots

From Nov. 15-March 15 each year, parking is not permitted during the following time periods: midnight until 6 a.m. in lots A-2 and B-1, and 3-6 a.m. in lot F-1. Violators are subject to fines and/or having their vehicles towed.   Disabled vehicles will be excluded if notification is received by the Department of Public Safety & Police Services from the owner, prior to the date in question.  

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in the snow removal efforts at KU.


Matt Santos
Director of University Relations & Communications Coordinator, KU Emergency Management Team

Last updated Nov. 11, 2015