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Weather-Related Cancellations and Announcements

In the event of a weather cancellation or delay, information on schedule changes for events and individual office/services/department closings at Kutztown University will be posted on this page.

In the event of a weather cancellation or delay affecting classes and administrative offices, information will be posted on the main Kutztown University homepage, the red alert bar across the top of most KU webpages and at the information outlets listed here.

We cannot guarantee that an event will be held as scheduled if it does not appear on this page. If you are unsure if something will be postponed or canceled, please contact the organizer.

Sports Schedules:  Any change to intercollegiate athletics schedules will be posted on the Athletics website.

Current Cancellations/Changes/Announcements

Jan. 26, 2015

The Borough of Kutztown has declared a Snow Emergency that will begin on Monday the 26th of January 2015 at 8 AM. All vehicles should be removed from the designated Snow Emergency Routes. Vehicles parked on Snow Emergency Routes after 8 AM will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.  Note: there is no change to on-campus parking at this time.

Event Coordinators: If you are a coordinator of an official university-sponsored event and wish to include information on this page, e-mail the notification and any rescheduling information to Josh Leiboff, University Relations. You must send from your email address and include your contact information.