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KuBOK - Neighborhood Watch

KuBOK Neighborhood WatchWhat is KUBoK?

KUBoK is a coalition of community members and Kutztown University students, staff, and faculty who work with the Kutztown Borough Police Department by volunteering his or her time and talent to create a safer community and promote awareness.


  • To assist in patrolling the streets of Kutztown during peak social hours to keep students and residents safe and proud to live in a respectful environment.
  • To improve the relationship between Kutztown University students and the residents of Kutztown.
  • To keep Kutztown as a great place to live for everyone - permanent residents and students alike.


"Diane and I feel that we are keeping our promise to the Quinn Family. We personally met Dennis Quinn on one of our first "walks;" he hugged us and thanked us for walking."

Diane and Joe Piscitelli

"KUBoK has brought people together - townsfolk, students and other KU folks on teams that walk through the neighborhood, sharing stories, Kutztown history, and a sense of community pride while offering a supportive presence."

Kathy Lynch

For more information and the application to join KUBoK, click here.