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KU Students Vote at Turbo Speed; TurboVote Brings Voting Information to Your Fingertips

September 13, 2012

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - Kutztown University students are learning that voting can be as easy as sending an email. Thanks to a new partnership with TurboVote, voting information is now made quick and convenient for students everywhere.  Go to Kutztown votes website

TurboVote was launched after a successful kick starter campaign that raised more than $25,000. Now, the high-tech voting program for students maintains formal partnerships with 47 colleges and universities.

When KU students sign up with TurboVote, they get information on the entire election calendar, including national elections and local races like school board elections. If the student needs to register to vote they get a pre-populated voter registration from with a pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope. If a student wants to vote by mail, they can get a pre-populated absentee ballot application. TurboVote also provides text messages and email reminders with key deadlines for getting forms in on time and getting to the polls on election day.

With 54 days until the 2012 Presidential election-the talking heads, rhetoric, and rules about voting can be overwhelming, especially to a new voter. But a new start-up organization, TurboVote, is partnering with (Kutztown University) to make the voting process easier to understand.

TurboVote is branching out to such a big network that just last week it partnered with Google Politics & Elections. With this new form of voting, it is sure to increase the amount of student voters at universities everywhere.