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In the News: Salton Sea Research

Oct. 31, 2013

Kurt Friehauf, Liz Heness, Margariete Malenda, Edward SimpsonKutztown University researchers recently discovered the fate of fish remains found near California's Salton Sea.

Dr. Edward Simpson, chair, Department of Physical Sciences, co-authored the study of fish remains that were transformed into adipocere.  The discovery is explained in this except of from Live Science:

A fascinating and foul discovery on the skeleton-clad shores recently revealed the fate of the rest of the fish remains. Their flesh drops to the lake floor, where anaerobic bacteria transforms it into adipocere, also known as corpse wax, researchers from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania reported here Monday (Oct. 28) at the Geological Society of America's annual meeting.

Simpson and Dr. Kurt Friehauf, Department of Physical Sciences, along with graduate Liz Heness '13 and undergraduate Margariete Malenda '15, presented the research at the Geological Society of America's annual meeting in Denver.

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