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In the News: Dr. Theresa Stahler

October 4, 2012

KUTZTOWN, P.a. - As October is the month of the young adolescent (MOYA), Dr. Theresa Stahler, Chairperson for the Department of Secondary Education, sat down with WFMZ to discuss why this age group of the "tween"  is so important.

Stahler discussed how Kutztown University prepares its education majors to work with the learners of this age group, as they will go through dramatic physical changes in life during this time. The university also helps its majors better understand this age group by allowing him or her to shadow young adolescents, which benefits both the college student and the young adolescent. Through this, the college student can better understand what the adolescent is going through, and the adolescent, in turn, can experience what it could be like to be a college student, which can assist them in aspiring towards such a goal.

Stahler suggests others to communicate with their schools and talk to their teachers, as there are several who help young adolescents.

Watch the video: "Month Of The Young Adolescent: Why tween, teen years are so important" (WFMZ)