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KU Radio: Official Radio Sound of Boy Scouts Jambo

KUTZTOWN, PA-May 7 - Kutztown University and Boy Scouts of America-Minsi Trails announced today Kutztown University Radio will broadcast the bi-annual Boy Scout Jamboree, May 18-20.  Radio manager, Mike Regensburger, and seven KU students and several special guests will serve as announcers/DJs during a full weekend of events for more than 10,000 scouts and families. 

MAY 18

4-6 p.m.                 Jambo Talk. Traffic info in and around KU.  Review of the day's activities. 

6-8 p.m.                 The Jambo Welcome Show with JJ MacDade. 

6:30 p.m.               Call from Scout Camp movie writer, director, and producer Garrett Batty in Utah. 

8-11 p.m.               The Night Shift. Music radio, requests from campsites.  Preview of opening ceremony.

8 p.m.                     Jambo Scout Band Rehearsal at KU Band Room. 

8:30 p.m.               Call from Scout Camp movie writer/director/producer Garrett Batty in Utah.

11 p.m.                   Taps


6-6:05 a.m.            Reveille & Circle of Life.

6:05-7:45 a.m.      The Morning News with Mark Abrams.  News, chat, sports results, weather, call-ins from the campsites, music, promotion of today's events, commercials, interview with Jambo Chairman Bill Folk. (Mark Abrams is a news reporter for KYW1060AM in Philadelphia.)

7:30-8 a.m.            Gathering - Random pieces by Scout Band.

7:45-8:59 a.m.      Simulcast from Kutztown Stadium: Opening Ceremony.

8-8:05 a.m.            Welcome to Jambo! - Emcee

8:05-8:10 a.m.      Star Spangled Banner - Scout Band and Miss PA Teen

8:10-8:15 a.m.      Scout Oath - Lodge Chief Matt Planner

8:25-8:30 a.m.      KU President Welcome and Remarks

8:30-8:35 a.m.      Silver Beaver Presentation

8:35-8:40 a.m.      Scout executive Welcome and Remarks

8:45-8:50 a.m.      Chairman Comments - Bill Folk

9-noon                   The Jambo Morning Program. Music, commercials, sports results, weather, promotion of all events,

call-ins from the campsites, interview with Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen Kaitlynne Kline.

3-6 p.m.                 The Jambo Afternoon Program. Music, commercials, news, weather, call-ins from the campsites, Kicking Daises.

6-9 p.m.                 Closing Show. Commentary and coverage of Scouts' arrivals, Parade of Flags, and opening act.

9 p.m. +/-               Music and/or interviews to bridge Closing Show and Fireworks

9:15 p.m. +/-         Fireworks with timed music provided by Don Sachs (Minsi Trails Council)

Post-fireworks      Venturing Only Activities until 11 p.m. - The Jambo after party Show.  Scout requests, music, call-ins from campsites, wrap up interviews, promotion of Sunday schedule.

11 p.m.                   Taps


6-9 a.m.                  The Reveille Show. Music, chat, weather, promotion of Sunday morning services, checkout and exit instructions. 

9-10 a.m. -             Simulcast from Kutztown Stadium: Catholic Mass with His Excellency The Most Reverend John O. Barres, Bishop of Allentown.  Quiet commentary possible if by Fr. Tolentino, Roger Chatell, or someone approved by one of them.

After mass             Return to regular Kutztown University programming.