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KU Professor Assists U.S. Department of Justice in Kiev, Ukraine

July 14, 2014

Gary CordnerKUTZTOWN, Pa. - In April, Dr. Gary Cordner, Kutztown University professor of criminal justice, traveled to Kiev, Ukraine, on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice, to discuss policing philosophies and strategies that are employed by police forces in democratic countries. During his visit, Cordner gave a presentation to a joint nongovernmental organization/government reform commission considering how to restructure the police (Ministry of Interior) in Ukraine.

"My main objective was to give them information about how policing is done in other countries, so they have some examples to choose from or think about, as they try to decide how they want to police in their country," he explained. "Part of the challenge they're facing right now is their country is split. In the Eastern regions there are armed men who have taken over government buildings. They want to be part of Russia, or they want Russia to safeguard them, because they don't want Ukraine moving closer to Europe. It's a difficult time for the country."

Cordner began working for the U.S. in Ukraine last summer, as a delegate of the Dept. of Justice's International Criminal Investigation Technical Assistance Program (ICITAP), which organizes U.S. assistance to police forces in other countries. While there, he helped develop community-based crime prevention programs and provided information on how to improve police academy training. He returned to Ukraine as a delegate for ICITAP this May and June, to provide assistance as they take measures to improve their police force, such as reducing corruption and improving police-citizen relations.