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Dave Johnson, Assistant Director, University Relations
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High School Students to Compete in World Languages Meet

February 25, 2014

KUTZTOWN, Pa. - More than 200 students will arrive in Kutztown on March 27 for the World Languages Meet, an all-day language competition. Students, along with their teachers, will comprise 12 separate teams from six Southeastern Pennsylvania high schools: Nazareth Area High School, Fleetwood Area High School, Phoenixville Area High School, Parkland High School, Roberto Clemente Charter School, and Kutztown Area High School. Two teams from each high school will represent two levels of language comprehension: intermediate and advanced. This is the second year for the meet.

Student/teacher teams will compete in various challenges designated to their language skills. These challenges, such as "GoAnimate" require students to not only speak their second language fluently, but incorporate realistic dialogue through emotional responses, tangents and off-topic comments. The teams will also provide presentations that exhibit both the perspective and practice of the culture that is representative of their second language.

Other challenges incorporate textbook improvisation abilities to test their understanding of the foreign rhetoric presented to them. Challenges such as "Taboorades" and "Role-Play" allow students to hold real conversations based upon topics given to them that incorporate different aspects of language and culture.

The "Campus Challenge" is a final test to judge students' listening and comprehension skills. It provides students with videos and oral directions that lead them to different parts of KU's campus.

According to the KU Language Resource Center Director, Deanne Cobb-Zygadlo, "Our pilot last year was smaller with fewer events and fewer schools competing, but the feedback that we received from the teachers was phenomenal.  They saw increased motivation and participation in class and the students were excited and eager to come back this year."