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In the News: Dr. Anthony Bleach

April 10, 2012

KUTZTOWN, PA - The Allentown Morning Call quoted Kutztown professor Dr. Anthony Bleach in a preview for the the new Mel Brooks musical "Young Frankenstein" at Zoellner Arts Center on April 5. Bleach discussed the nature of monsters and their indications about past public anxieties.

"Horror films, more than any other genre, can help us make our fears more palatable and less scary," Bleach says. "They tap into some kind of subconscious fear we all have of being killed or destroyed by a greater force. The giant monster movies of the 1950s helped us deal with all our fears that we would be blown up by Russians missiles or nuclear bombs. Like 'Frankenstein,' in the end, science winds up putting an end to a man-made problem. Brooks was interested in poking holes in all the things we are scared of and how we deal with our fears."

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