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May 22, 2014


The Daily Brief



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8:30 a.m.              Transfer orientation in Academic Forum


Today's lunchtime group exercise class at the Student Recreation Center with Cheryl is cancelled. 

Tracy Turner, office manager, Recreational Services



Effective July 1, 2014, the Department of Electronic Media will be transferred from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to the College of Visual and Performing Arts.  The Department of Electronic Media continues to reside in Rickenbach Learning Center, room 209 and can be reached at x3-4492.

Carlos Vargas-Aburto, provost & vice president, Academic and Student Affairs




KU Career Development Center Awards Career Success Certificates to 32 students. Thirty-two junior and seniors completed the Career Success Certificate program during the 2013-14 academic year.  This certificate program, open to all juniors and seniors, helps students  gain a greater understanding of themselves, employer expectations, effective job search strategies, interview skills, and the role of social media in the hiring process. These students are equipped for their professional job search and are ready to advance on their ladder to success:  Abigail Goodling, Adrienne Snyder, Alyssa Shuman, Erika Ashman, Luis Beltran, Caitlin Siple, Carl Kreft, Emily Janssen, Erin Sarosky, Gerard Russi, Lauren Good, Gregory Hoffert, Heather Urban, Hope Devizia, Jack Price, Jasmine Hunt, Jessica Hartnett, Joseph Favinger,  Josette Cifra, Kaile Roussin,  Kelsey Richards, Kyle Hughes, Laura Berger, Caitlin Lee, Lindsey Bonilla, Marissa Drexinger, Mark  Van Dyk, Martisha Hardy, Margaux Mathias, Rebecca Houser, Stefer Peguero Reyes, and Vanessa Haas.           



KU Career Development Center Awards Career Exploration Certificates to 10 students - Ten freshman and sophomore students completed the Career Exploration Certificate program during the 2013-14 academic  year.  This certificate program, open to all freshmen and sophomores, helps students gain a greater understanding of themselves and the career development process and  become better prepared to choose/confirm a major, research careers, gain related experience through informational interviewing and job shadowing, and plan for a successful internship search.   These students are ready to take their first step on the ladder to success:   Amanda Snyder, Antaneyah Johnson, Celina Hartman, Christopher Bingert, Jodi Wagner, Lenielle Martin, Maraya Bowen, Melissa Prisco, Michelle Lehmann, Rochell Henry, and Ryan Van Keuren



Dining Services Hours:



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