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March 3, 2014


The Daily Brief


At a reception held on Tuesday, Feb. 25, the following Department of Business Administration faculty were recognized with certificates of excellence in research for their scholarly activity and publications:  Dr. Mostafa Maksy, Dr. Christine J. Rhoads and Dr. Qian Sun.  Dr. Victor Massad, Chair, Department of Business Administration Scholarly Activity Committee and Dean William Dempsey presented the awards.  Dr. Christine J. Rhoads was also selected as the recipient of the "Scholar of the Year Award" and she made a presentation on her research.  Dr. Carlos Vargas, Provost and VP for Academic and Student Affairs congratulated the recipients, as well as, several members of the COB Advisory Board. 



The Office of Admission is hosting the first Accepted Student Day program on Saturday, March 8.  We are expecting approximately 1000 people to attend.  The agenda has been posted on the website,, for your review.   The official program will be delivered to offices of those participating in the event late next week.  Please contact Jade Eggleston at with questions about the program. 

Office of Admissions


Experience the innovative collaboration of Temptation of the Muses on Thursday, March 6 at 7:30 p.m. in Schaeffer Auditorium as Nai Ni Chen Dance Company and the Ahn Trio are immersed in the visual element of pieces, creating a mesmerizing blend of music and dance of sheer aural and visual beauty. Leaping from East to West and classical to modern, Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company is the fusion-minded brainchild of Taiwan-born dancer/choreographer Nai-Ni Chen. Born in Seoul, Korea, the three sisters of New York-based Ahn Trio (Lucia on the piano, Angella on the violin and Maria on the cello) have embraced 21st century classical music while redefining the art of chamber music and have performed in all 50 states and at The White House. Anchored by Kenji Bunch's "Concrete Stream," Temptation of the Muses features seven Nai-Ni Chen dancers interpreting Ahn Trio renditions of works by Pat Metheny, David Balakrishnan, Ron Yedidia and The Doors. For ticket information click here.

                KU Presents!



Attention Spanish speakers:  All speakers of Spanish are invited to participate in the Department of Modern Language Studies' (MLS) Tertulia, on Wednesday, March 5 at 3 pm in DF210.  Join us in a super fun game called DefCondare, a game of wordsmithing inspired by the well-known game "Balderdash" and created by the Language Resource Center,  MLS faculty and students.  The game tests participants' ability to bluff their opponents by challenging them to select the correct definition (for an unfamiliar word) from the fake definitions created by other participants.  Come out and have some fun!

Deanne Cobb-Zygadlo, Director, Language Resource Center



The University Senate will meet on Thursday, March 6th at 4:00pm in AF 101. The complete agenda and attachments are linked to the Senate home page at:

Deryl Johnson, University Senate President



The Community Outreach Center is currently taking order for ZAP'S PIZZA.  This is a fundraiser for our Hunger and Homelessness Programs and will help provide funds for "spread the love" lunches;  meals at the Opportunity House; and other supplies for local homeless shelters.  We are selling a french bread style of pizza (6-8")  They come in a box of 12 and three different flavors.  We are also selling Pepperoni Snack Rolls- 50 bite-sized snacks and Jalapeno Snack Rolls- 50 bite-sized snacks.   EVERYTHING IS 18.00 DOLLARS PER BOX.  Please stop by the Community Outreach Center (MSU 281) or place and order or email

Jerry W. Schearer, Associate Dean for Inclusion and Outreach