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KU Launches Mobile Website

Mobile Site homepageApril 2014

To serve our growing audience of mobile users, Kutztown University has launched a new view of its website optimized for smartphones. 

While the desktop version of the site remains unchanged, visitors will now be served a separate mobile design, optimized for all smartphones, such as iPhone, Windows Phone or Android.   The site does not require any application to be downloaded, so it's easy to access.  When a mobile device user visits, the website automatically detects their device and displays the mobile view.

The mobile design is integrated into the university's content management system, Ingeniux, so website content contributors don't need to maintain separate content for desktop and mobile. 

There is a full site link in the footer of every page that takes the user to the standard desktop version - should the user need to complete a form or access something that doesn't translate to mobile view.  Once in the full site view, a user can easily return to mobile view by clicking the mobile site link, which appears in the bottom center of the page (among the "footer" links).

An interactive campus map feature will be added in the coming weeks.