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Budget Information for the KU Campus Community

Per Credit Tuition Model
Feb. 27, 2015

Dear KU Students, Faculty and Staff,

At the Budget Open Forum in December, we shared the university's budget projections for 2015-16, and some strategies to help close the anticipated $11.8 million deficit.

One of the strategies we continue to evaluate is the implementation of a Per-Credit Tuition Model for undergraduate in-state students.  Under our current model, tuition is the same for full-time students enrolled in 12 to 18 credits.  Under the Per-Credit Tuition Model, these students would pay by the credit for the number of credits for which they register. 

The Per-Credit Tuition Model, which has already been adopted by several of our sister institutions in the State System, would be much more sustainable for the university.  It would allow us to continue to offer a quality education at a comparatively affordable price, while better lining up costs and revenue.

We are very aware that the decision to switch to a Per-Credit Tuition Model will have an impact on some of our students.  As a result, we are discussing ideas such as the implementation of GAP awards, which will help bridge the gap related to cost increases for students with financial need.  We are also developing scenarios for the most cost-effective method to obtain a degree.

Continued feedback is important to us.  We have already met with several campus leadership groups, and will be holding an open forum for the entire campus.  The open forum will be Thursday, March 5, 2015, at 11 a.m. in Boehm Lecture Hall, room 145.  We encourage your attendance to learn more about this subject and to share your thoughts and ideas.

Below is a password protected link with expanded information on the proposed Per-Credit Tuition Model.  We will explain this information in depth at the open forums.  Please review it in advance if you are able.  To access the website, use your KU username (NOT your entire e-mail address) and KU password.

In the meantime, any comments, questions or concerns can be directed to   Your submission will be reviewed and shared with the appropriate administrators.

Thank you all for your assistance and interest in maintaining KU's excellence for today and generations to come.


Carlos Vargas
Acting President

Budget Update Open Forum
Dec. 4, 2014 - Kutztown University held an open forum to discuss the university's budget. 

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