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Student Residence Life Employment

Residence Hall Student Employment Process Overview

Kutztown University's Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services' office employs residence students in a variety of staff positions which provide leadership, assistance and services within the residence hall community. Student employment is a win-win situation as it allows resident students to work where they live, to develop and demonstrate transferable skills, and provides a supportive teamwork environment, as well as provides competitive compensation for campus employment.

Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services selects over 200 student employees reflecting the overall student body for employment each academic year. Each particular position has its own credentials necessary for employment. Positions available within the residence halls include:

All successful candidates need to be in good standing at the time of selection and throughout the period of employment. Good standing includes being registered as a full time student with a paid housing registration, residence hall living experience, be in good standing behaviorally-not on probation, not currently under investigation, and with the qualifying grade point average for the position.

Mail Clerks, Desk Receptionists, Imaginarium Assistants and Administrative Assistants must possess a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average. First Year Mentors and Community Assistants must possess a 2.25 grade point average. Student Staff Coordinators must possess a 2.50 grade point average. The standing, full time status and grade point averages need to be on record with Kutztown University and remain in effect throughout employment.

Qualified candidates must submit an application. Individual application packets are available in 106 Old Main. All candidates will be notified of their status at the end of the process. Candidates not receiving offers can request that their application be kept on file for consideration as positions become available but no longer than the academic year of application.

 Updated: 1/20/16/MGM