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Employer Reimbursement Deferments

Students who are entitled to reimbursement of tuition from employers may request an Employer Reimbursement Deferment (ERD).  The request can be made until the due date on the initial bill received.  Once the semester starts, this option is no longer available.  Requests are processed through Kutztown University's Office of Student Accounts only. Complete this form, sign it, and fax or scan/email it to us along with the proof from your employer and payment (can be done online, in person, or by mail).  The deferred portion of the bill (balance of the tuition costs not covered by the fee payment) will be due as stated on the form you sign.  The deferred portion due date is non-negotiable and is not based on each employers reimbursement schedule and not adjusted because of delays in processing with your employer.  Please make note of the due date and ensure it is met.

Deferment requests currently not being accepted - Summer 2016 registration starts soon.

Requests can be made once the semester/session charges are showing, you can prepare your documents now if you choose. 

Cost for Summer 2016 & Fall 2016 remain the same at $300 per course.  The deferred portion due date is on your agreement form - this cannot be extended based on your employer reimbursement dates or review.  These are firm. 

Requests will be reviewed only when complete.  Accounts must be in good standing to be eligible for an Employer Reimbursement Tuition deferment.  Requests may be approved or denied.  Denials may occur for prior default status, collections placement, or incomplete requests.

A complete request includes all three of the following:

  • Payment of the $300 per course (regardless of course costs or student status). This amount is posted to the student's account as a credit toward invoice.
  • Proof of the benefit entitlement - various items may suffice for this proof.  The most common of which is a document showing the courses were approved by your employer.  A letter from your employer stating your eligibility for employer reimbursement may be submitted as well.
  • Signature on the completed deferment request form.

Questions?  Please contact Student Accounts -

Print your transcript or grade report promptly at the conclusion of the course and submit the reimbursement request to your employer immediately.  Any delay in payment of the tuition may result in a late fee and/or restriction placed on the account.  If an account is restricted due to non-payment, you will be unable to register for future terms, obtain transcripts (both official and unofficial), or receive a diploma. If your account is restricted, we cannot lift it until the delinquent payment is made in full.  This includes allowing your transcript to print for a reimbursement request. 

The deferment coding will NOT be added to your account until ALL items above are supplied. If not supplied by the due date or within one week of request, the account will not be deferred, and due dates initially assigned will remain applicable for the full balance. Non-payment may result in course removal, OR collections processing.