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Viewing Your Bill

Kutztown University sends email notifications of activity in MyKU to student KU email accounts only.  Paper invoices will not be mailed.  Additional useful information is below including the steps to view the invoice or make a payment.  View a sample invoice.

NEW! A quick link to your most recent invoice now appears in the Finances section of the Student Center in MyKU AND we added pending aid to the totals due!  Remember current or future aid, can't pay prior semesters or sessions - you must do so to avoid holds or late fees.

The following 3 items must be completed by the Due Date to secure enrollment. 

1. Intent to Attend (fall/spring only - and only after invoicing is processed), AND

2. Financial Terms & Conditions (every session or semester only after invoicing is processed), AND

3. Payment (if sufficient arrangements are in place, you will see an Exempt from Class Cancellation in the Holds section securing your schedule from removal), OR Pending Aid showing in MyKU and on your invoice.

Please note: The amounts due on the main Student Center page (Account Summary) NOW reflect authorized / pending aid (current aid can't pay prior semesters or sessions).  Click on the Most Recent Invoice link in the Finances section of the Student Center to see the most recent invoice (prior invoices are on the Charges Due page at the bottom, click on Print Invoice to see the pdf).  If you don't see any aid listed, we aren't considering any.  We encouarge you to speak to Financial Aid directly regarding financial aid matters.  Do not assume you have Financial Aid - you must see it showing as pending aid and ensure your conditional balance due is resolved by the due date.

Any recent charges, from a prior term or session, may appear in the current activity section as well.  This monthly statement is similar to a credit card statement where it shows a prior balance, current activity, and a new balance due. 

Make your Intent to Attend

All students must do this along with payment to secure your schedule.  Intent to Attend is currently only used for Fall and Spring terms, and only visible after invoicing has been processed.  This action also allows any aid to be received timely and process as payment to your account.

Failure to complete this item may result in the loss of your schedule.

  • Log into My KU (
  • Choose Student Center.
  • Check the small check box, just below the schedule, and SAVE.

Accept the Financial Terms & Conditions

All students must do this along with payment, and the intent to attend, to secure your schedule. This item applies to all semesters or sessions, and is only visible after invoicing has been processed. This process also allows you to update your address, phone # and elect to opt out of emergency notificaitons if you choose to do so.

Once available, this item appears upon logging into MyKU and won't allow you access to the Student Center until accepted and processed.

Failure to complete this item may result in the loss of your schedule.

Common Topics of Concern and Where to Turn

Financial Aid - If you don't see the Financial Aid you expected to see on your invoice, this could be because of a late loan application, late FAFSA completion, non-completion of Entrance Counseling or MPN's, loss of FA eligibility, or verification documents are still outstanding.

The Bursar's Office cannot defer your invoice because you are working on loan matters. Only Financial Aid can do this, and ONLY if the loan is finalized, approved and been sent to KU for certification.  ALL Financial Aid deferments are handled by the Financial Aid office.  To contact Financial Aid, call 610-683-4077 or e-mail

  • Entrance Counseling and MPN's are completed at student uses their US DOE (FAFSA) pin #.
  • Parent Plus MPN's are completed at the same site - using the parent's US DOE (FAFSA) pin #

TAP/529 - If you have a TAP/529 account, please print your invoice and submit like you normally do. Provide the Bursar's Office with proof of that request submission so that we can defer your account while that payment is processed, as we do understand it can take a few weeks to be sent. Please scan and email this proof, or fax it to us at 610-683-4674.

Payment Plans - You can sign up with Tuition Pay by Higher One, our plan administrator.

Military - You must provide proof of your benefit and contact the Bursar's Office every semester. Since benefits do expire and can be exhausted, we cannot transfer exemptions from term to term.  We will add military benefits we can consider as courtesy credits starting the Fall 2014.  You must have supplied the appropriate documentation AND completed your VA Release Form (Veteran's Benefit Form) in the Registrar's Office for this to occur.

Employer Reimbursement - Follow the link or contact us today. 

Thank you for your prompt payment of the amount due. Inquiries can be made by the student by contacting, or visiting, the Office of Student Accounts.

Prior Term Debts

Prior term debts, such as residence hall damages, health center visits or ID fees MUST be paid by you.  Financial aid, even if it shows you have enough to cover it, will NOT pay a prior term, or session balance, per federal regulations.  For future incidental charges within the term, you may be able to use your Financial Aid to cover them if you Grant Permissions to us to do so.  See our site for the steps to do this.

View and Print your invoice (prior invoices - most recent is linked to your student center Finances section now):

  • Log into My KU (
  • Choose Student Center.
  • Click on Account Inquiry in the Finances section.
  • Choose the Charges Due tab - Scroll down to the Invoices Due section. 
  • Click on Print Invoice to open the pdf document and print.

Pay your invoice:

  • Log into My KU (
  • Choose Student Center.
  • Click on Make a Payment and follow the screens and steps.