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Temporary Bookstore Account

Bookstore Account Authorization

Students receiving financial aid in excess of their institutional charges (tuition, fees, meals, housing, etc.) may request a bookstore account be established at the KU Student Bookstore for the purchase of course-required books and supplies. Students submit a request form to the Financial Aid Office, who will approve or deny the request.   All requests must be submitted to Financial Aid by the conclusion of the Drop Add period with purchases made by the date on the form, generally 2 days after the conclusion of Drop Add.  This is a limited program and not intended to cover all bookstore expenses.  There are three options available only - $200, $500 and $750.

FALL 2015 forms will be available in the Financial Aid Office in starting roughly 1 week before classes begin, and accepted in the Financial Aid department. Remember the request forms must have a signature, and accounts in good standing with no prior debts.

  • Spring 2015 program is closed for the semester.  Fall 2015 forms will be available about 1 week prior to the first day of classes.

To be eligible for a bookstore account:

  • The student must be registered for the classes in the semester for which excess financial aid is available
  • The student must be current on all university accounts
  • All documents and forms necessary for disbursement of funds must be completed, verified and certified (ex., terms and conditions, master promissory note, entrance counseling, etc.)
  • The Financial Aid Office must certify that the student has excess funds available to cover the amount selected
  • The university has not issued a refund for the excess funds
  • Student has Granted Permissions for both Title IV and OTH AID in MyKU

Students meeting these eligibility requirements must complete and sign a Bookstore Account Request form (printed copy available in the Financial Aid Office), and submit it to the Financial Aid Office 48 hours before the account/purchase is needed. Bookstore accounts are available to all students whose financial aid exceeds their institutional charges and a refund for the excess aid has not been issued. A Bookstore Account Request form is required for each term or semester the student wishes to purchase course required materials using excess financial aid.

Upon approval of the Bookstore Account Request form, the Office of Student Accounts will be notified and will reserve the amount authorized on the student's account until the KU Student Bookstore submits the exact amount of the purchases made by the student. The bookstore purchases will be applied to the student's account and any unused amounts of the bookstore account authorization will be refunded to the student in accordance with the university's refund policy.

Bookstore accounts created and not used, will see the funds release occur within one week of the completion of the program.  If you decide to not use the account, you may cancel the account (48 hours processing time).