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This page deals with refunds for overpayment.  If you are seeking information on refunds as a result of withdrawal from KU, consult our withdrawal section.

 Overpayment refunds are not released until after Financial Aid has begun disbursements and after the conclusion of the Drop/Add period for the semester or session.  This will only occur once the account is actually overpaid with disbursed funds (your scheduled disbursement date is listed in your Financial Aid Award summary), not pending aid or payments.  Please plan accordingly for expenses, such as books, at the beginning of the term or session.

Spring 2015 aid disbursement date is scheduled as 2/3/15.  Refunds woud be no sooner than 2/3 and could be later based on a students specific financial aid items or payments.
GBDC sample

Card Release / Re-issue:

  • NEW students are mailed cards before the semester starts and only when the student is registered.  They are mailed to the HOME address.
  • Re-issue requests (new card requests) are handled two different ways.  If the card and refund account are:
    •  Inactive (no preference chosen) - the student should email the Office of Student Accounts from their KU email account and list their current HOME address that they want the card sent to (this MUST match the current HOME address in MyKU). There will be no fee for the replacement of an inactive account with no prior refund preference.
    • Active and the student needs a new card - the student will call Higher One directly at 1-866-730-6627 to resolve this matter.
  • Cards are not issued to students under the age of 18 OR students with an international permanent address.  These refunds are mailed and only to US addresses only.
  • GBDCs are NOT forwarded - For your protection, all cards sent to an address with a forwarding order in place are returned to Higher One.  If this has happened to you, or your address was wrong and not updated, you will need to update your address in MyKU and notify us that you have done so.  We can then request a replacement/re-issued card. 

Refund Choices (3):

You will need the 16 digits on the card to log into to make your refund choice - you do NOT have to use the card option. You may change your refund preference at any time!

1. Deposit into a Higher One Checking Account with funds available the same business day Kutztown University releases them.  For this option you would use your Golden Bear Debit Card for access to funds, or order checks like any other checking account.

  • This is NOT a CREDIT CARD. It is a declining balance debit card only worth what is added to the account.
  • Availability of funds - same day funds are released by Kutztown University
  • Notification method - email or text message
  • Higher One ATMs will be on campus for FREE withdrawals from the GBDC only - max per day is $500.00.  Fees may apply at other ATM's.
  • You can order checks for this account - do so now to pay landlords and other needed college expenses.

2. Deposit into a bank account of your choice - checking or savings.  You will need to supply your bank account information when you choose this option.  We recommend you hold onto the GBDC should you wish to use it later.

  • Availability of funds - 2-3 business days (depending on receiving bank)
  • Notification method - email or text message

3. Paper check mailed home - no pick up option available.  We recommend you hold onto the GBDC should you wish to use it later.

  • Availability of funds - 5-7 Business Days (depending on postal service)
  • Notification method - email or text message

Process to Follow after Card Receipt:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Enter the 16 digits on the front of the card and validate your identity as requested. 
  3. Select a refund preference.  If choosing the direct deposit option, be sure to have your own bank account information handy.  After you are done, you will receive an email confirming your selection.  You will need to log BACK into the site and confirm with that email. 
  4. After logging back in, you should choose your notification preference - such as mobile text or email telling you when you have been issued a refund.

Higher One Checking Account Helpful Hints:

  1. You can deposit funds into the checking account and start using the Golden Bear Debit Card today.  Remember, it is a declining balance debit card that happens to have a MC logo for purchases - this is NOT a credit card. The card is only worth what you add to it, or what is added to it from your refund.  Parents can add money to it as well - see that option on the website.  When making purchases if you use it as a debit card there will be per use charge; however, if you use it like a MC, there is no fee to you at all from Higher One.  Swipe and Sign!
  2. Order checks from the account and use it as a fully functioning bank account including online bill pay options and more - for more information check out their site.  The bank account is FDIC insured.

Golden Bear Debit Card FAQs (PDF)

Student Parent Guide (PDF) - Please note that Kutztown University also offers a Paper Check option not listed.

ATM Access:

Golden Bear Debit Cardholders can access their funds FREE of charge from one of two ATMs on campus.  Be sure it is a Higher One ATM unit to avoid fees.  You may receive up to $500 per day.


  • Student Union Building
  • South Dining Hall

If the ATM's on campus are not in service, Higher One commits to refund costs incurred for utilizing another ATM up to $4.00.  The link below is Higher One's ATM Commitment.  In this document you will see how to log in to their site and submit an EasyHelp incident to request the credit.  We do not anticipate outages, but we are prepared for them.  Higher One is electronically notified by the unit when there is an error or problem so that they can rectify the matter in a timely way.

Click here to view the ATM Commitment and to see how to submit the online request for credit for ATM fees from another bank during an outage of Higher One ATMs.