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Perkins Loan Procedures

Federal Perkins Loans are defined as "A low interest educational loan funded by the Federal Government and administered by the school. Limited to students with high financial need who meet the institution's filing deadline."  Please visit the Financial Aid website for more information on obtaining a Perkins Loan.

This section is for students who have been awarded a Perkins loan, are currently receiving a Perkins loan, or needing to pay a Perkins loan back.

Perkins Loans are a revolving loan account.  Money is awarded and distributed to students from an account.  This account gets its funding from students who pay back the Perkins loans they received.  Therefore, if you receive a Perkins loan, please know that we will be relying on you to pay it back when you graduate so that another student in need can receive the loan and assist them in their educational funding.

Perkins Loans require similar items as other Title IV funds, these include a Master Promissory Note, Entrance Interview and Exit Interview when you graduate, or separate from school at least half time.

Kutztown University uses a company called Campus Partners as their Perkins loan processor.  Campus Partners handles all of the requirements above.  Student can complete most documents, if not all, online.  The information below will be helpful to students to complete these documents.

Kutztown University changed processors for our Perkins loans starting 1/1/10.  ECSI ceased efforts on 12/31/09 and the new company, Campus Partners began to service our students January 25, 2010.  No late fees were added or accrued during this conversion period.  All students who are actively enrolled needed to complete a NEW Master Promissory Note - please log in to complete if not already done.

Upon graduation or separation from KU on an at least half time basis, Perkins loan recipients will be required to complete an exit interview.  This is mandatory.  Your KU account may be restricted until this is completed.  This restriction would prohibit future term registrations, receipt of transcripts or diplomas and restrict the student from viewing grades.  These restrictions are lifted the next business day after the student completes the Exit Interview.

Links at a Glance:

PERKINS Entrance Interviews & PERKINS Master Promissory Notes -


  • Your Social Security number
  • Your driver's license number
  • Name, address, and telephone number of your parents or guardian
  • Name, address, and telephone numbers of two relatives other than your parents
  • Name, address, and telephone numbers of two references, other than relatives, from your home locality
  • Your FSA pin, if you wish to electronically sign your Master Promissory Note (MPN) (the pin you used for your FAFSA)
  • If you cannot locate the FSA pin - Click here to reset or get a new one (this can take some time depending on the time of year).

PERKINS Exit Interviews - for students who have graduated -  If you don't already know your account number, you can create an account with your SSN.

General Campus Partners - information:

Campus Partners
PO Box 2901
Winston-Salem, NC 27102

Your account number along with the first four letters of your last name will be used to access the site and register as a First Time User.  This account number is on the attachment with your letter.