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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholarships

Note: Criteria for each scholarship are determined by donors and recipients are chosen by each department. 

Air Products and Chemicals Scholarship

*Computer science major. Established by Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. to provide scholarship aid to outstanding students majoring in disciplines that contribute to the APCI workforce.

Carl and Regina Brunner Scholarship

*Freshman, math/science alternate. Established by Dr. Carl (dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) and Dr. Regina (assistant to the provost) Brunner to recognize an outstanding full-time student working toward a Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Science degree in physical sciences, biology or math through the College of Liberal Arts.

David and Charlotte Valuska Endowed Internship for Pennsylvania German Studies

*Student with PA German Society; one semester. Established by David and Charlotte Valuska to provide a stipend for students selected to be interns engaged in the study and preservation of the Pennsylvania German culture.

W.W. Deatrick Centennial Scholarship

*At least 60 credits; english education major. Established by Anna Louise Deatrick Mitchell '15 (daughter) in memory of W.W. Deatrick, retired professor, to provide scholarships for junior or senior students who are worthy, ambitious and conscientious, majoring in English and preparing to teach.

Emma Richards-Bausch Scholarship

*New student. Established by Emma Richards-Bausch to provide a scholarship to an incoming freshman or transfer student with financial need who will pursue a major in the English department and has demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for a major in English/general, English/professional writing, or secondary education/English.

Hearst Foundation Scholarship

*Two for English Professional Writing Major and Electronic Media. Established by a grant from the Hearst Foundation to provide annual scholarships to two students: one majoring in English professional writing, and one majoring in telecommunications.

Rosalyn Ensminger/ Geography Endowment Fund

*Geography major. Established by family and friends of Rosalyn Ensminger and the Geography Department to provide scholarships to geography students.

Sadie Kutz and Nancy Henderson Scholarship

*Math/computer science student; outstanding student. Established by Joyce Kutz Wehr '46 in memory of her mother, Sadie Kutz '20, and her daughter, Nancy J. Henderson '70, in recognition of the 75th and 25th anniversaries of their graduations.

Joshua Wentworth Wesner Pre-Medical Scholarship

*Freshmen, biology/pre-med student; community service. Established in memory of Joshua Wentworth Wesner, pre-medical student, advocate for the disabled and contributor to the Kutztown University community, by his family, friends, and the alumni, staff and faculty of Kutztown University. The scholarship is intended to help the university to attract, acknowledge, support and retain pre-medical students who will go on to become doctors who care deeply about people, and who make a difference in their communities. This was Josh's dream for himself.

Jeanne D. '43 and Robert M. Stroup Presidential Scholarship

*Freshman chemistry major.

Ruth Bonner Scholarship Fund

*At least 90 credits. Established by Ruth Bonner '21 to provide scholarship aid to a full-time student with financial need who is majoring in English. Preference will be given to students in teacher education.

Linda Oswald-Bogert Scholarship

*Foreign language major. Established in memory of Linda Oswald-Bogert (former university employee), to provide scholarships to students enrolled in foreign language.

Anthony J. Mazzaferri History Scholarship

*Junior or senior secondary education/history or social studies. Established in memory of Dr. Anthony J. Mazzaferri (former professor of history) by Dr. Annette Mazzaferri (wife and emerita professor of speech and theatre) to provide a scholarship to a full-time junior or senior in good standing majoring in secondary education with a concentration or major in social sciences or history.

Ralph J. and Margaret H. Deisher Scholarship Fund

*Established by Dr. Caroline I. Anderson '65 (daughter) in memory of Ralph J. and Margaret H. Deisher to provide scholarships for freshmen who are graduates of either Berks or Lehigh county high schools and are majoring in mathematics, the sciences or pre-theology.

Physical Sciences Faculty Scholarship

*Outstanding student; physical science major. Established by the faculty in the Physical Sciences department to recognize an outstanding student working toward a Bachelor of Science in physical sciences through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Karl F. Walter Scholarship Fund

*Freshman physical science major.

Dr. Roger S. Whitcomb International Student Scholarship

*International undergraduate. Established by Dr. Roger S. Whitcomb, emeritus professor of political science, to provide scholarship assistance to a worthy international student studying political science or public administration.

Jaymie B. Creitz Scholarship

*Established in loving memory of Jaymie B. Creitz by her maternal grandparents, Walter and Ellen Faryniak to recognize and encourage a student who has demonstrated resilient determination to earn a college degree. The scholarship will be awarded to a female student majoring in psychology, who has earned 21 credits in extended learning and who has membership in an organization benefiting animal welfare and also demonstrates involvement in either M.A.D.D. or S.A.D.D.

Alex J. '58 and Paige Pogirski Scholarship

*Three female science majors with at least 3.0 GPA. Established by Carol Pogirski Carzon '57 in memory of her late husband and daughter to encourage female students to major in science and to recognize outstanding academic achievement.

Ronald R. Rhein Biology Scholarship

*Life science major, at least 30 credits, at least 3.0 GPA and involved in extracurricular activities for the Biology Department. The scholarship was established by faculty, emeriti, staff, alumni and friends of the Biology Department in honor of the long productive career of Dr. Ronald R. Rhein, and in appreciation for Dr. Rhein's commitment to the quality of education at Kutztown University. The scholarship is intended to provide financial support for students majoring in the life sciences at Kutztown University.

The Michael Shinsky Memorial Scholarship

*Full-time student; secondary education/science major; consult with dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Established by John Mason and Michelle Shinsky Mason '73, in loving memory of her father, Michael Shinsky, to provide scholarship assistance to a worthy secondary education student majoring in science.

Ronald L. Marburger '61 Scholarship

*Freshman math/computer science major; prefer a graduate of Pottstown High School. Established by Ronald Marburger '61 to provide scholarship assistance to a worthy math or computer science major.

C.R. Chambliss Scholarship Fund

*Physical science major. Established by C.R. Chambliss, Ph.D., emeritus professor of astronomy in the department of physical sciences to provide scholarship aid to students majoring in chemistry, physics, physics/engineering, geology, marine science or any physical science combined with secondary education.

David Chalmer Bailey '02 Scholarship

*Sociology or social work major; preferably a rugby player. Established by Thomas and Carol Bailey and Boyd and Anne Epperson in memory of their son and nephew, David Chalmer Bailey '02, a truly remarkable young man, avid rugby enthusiast, and world traveler, to provide scholarship assistance to students who love children, demonstrate a fascination in people, and major in sociology or social work.

Patrick J. Duddy, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

*Biology/secondary education major; at least 60 credits; prefer a graduate of Fleetwood, Kutztown, or Brandywine high schools. Established in memory of Patrick J. Duddy Jr. by his parents, emeritus professor of biology Patrick J. Duddy Sr. '69 and Cynthia A. Duddy '87, and family and friends to provide scholarship assistance to a student majoring in biology/secondary education.

Ruth B. deFrancesco Scholarship in Modern Language

*Freshman, modern language major. Established by a bequest from Ruth B. deFrancesco to provide annual scholarships to students in modern language studies.

Emily Haring Chemistry Scholarship

*Created by Emily Haring to provide recognition and financial assistance to students enrolled or planning to enroll as a chemistry major.