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College of Education Scholarships

Note: Criteria for each scholarship are determined by donors and recipients are chosen by each department. Since some scholarships may be renewed by the current scholarship holder, not all listed scholarships are available every year. Scholarship applicants will be considered for all available opportunities for which they are qualified, following acceptance to the university and program of study (if applicable). Students are also encouraged to view additional opportunities available through the Admissions, Athletics, College of Business, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Visual and Performing ArtsFinancial Aid, Freshman, Honors, and Miscellaneous scholarship categories.

A.C. Rothermel Scholarship

Education major who is a Berks County resident. Established by the estate of Janice P. Rothermel in memory of Mabel Rothermel Nimmo, class of 1900, Florence Rothermel Bowly, class of 1902, Ruth Brensinger Rothermel, class of 1910, and Samuel H. Rothermel, class of 1906.

Brian K. Hartwick Memorial Scholarship

Given annually since 1984 by Stanley C. (emeritus professor of education) and Susan Harwick in memory of their nephew, Brian K. Harwick, to students majoring in special education.

Charles A. and Joyce Kutz Wehr Scholarship

Established by Joyce Kutz Wehr '46 in memory of her husband Charles and in celebration of their life together to provide scholarship assistance to a student majoring in elementary or secondary education, who exhibits qualities of academic excellence necessary to be a successful teacher in today's environment.

Clara Dyer Coleman Library Science Scholarship

Established by Clara Dyer Coleman '27 and '35 to recognize the achievement and commitment of a full-time junior or senior student majoring in library science who is committed to a career in library service.

College of Education Dean's Scholarship

Freshman education majors, dean's choice. Established by the dean of the College of Education to provide scholarships to incoming freshman education majors from gifts given to the College of Education Fund.

Craig R. Holtzman and Jacob D. Holtzman Scholarship

Established by Neil and Marion Holtzman '62 in memory of their son, Craig R. Holtzman, and grandson, Jacob D. Holtzman, to provide scholarship assistance to a student of good character majoring in special education who has completed at least 30 credits and preferably exhibits financial need.

Diana DeRagon Buchman Memorial Scholarship

Established in memory of Diana DeRagon Buchman (assistant director of Housing and Residence Life) by her family, friends and colleagues to provide scholarship assistance to a resident student majoring in education.

Dora Hadley & Edward E. Barr Senior Scholarship

Established in memory of Dora Hadley Barr '29 and Edward E. Barr, Sr. by family and friends to provide merit scholarships for junior elementary education majors who demonstrate outstanding academic performance, involvement in student life, and participation in the community outreach activities of Kutztown University.

Dr. Carl J. Daeufer Scholarship in Teacher Education

Established by Dr. Carl J. Daeufer '53 to recognize outstanding scholastic achievement by a sophomore, junior or senior from Pennsylvania who is majoring in either elementary or secondary education and whose goal is to teach.  The student must be in good academic standing with preference given to a member of the women's or men's basketball team.

Dr. Jorie Borden Memorial Scholarship

Established by the Borden family and friends in memory of Dr. Jorie Borden, professor of elementary education, to provide scholarship assistance to a non-traditional student majoring in elementary education.

Dr. Ralph A. Fritz Memorial Scholarship

Established by Lolita R. Fritz Binford, Marcia Kay Fritz Hartman, and Miriam Jolee Fritz Robinson through the estate of their mother, Dr. Roletta O. Jolly-Fritz, in memory of Dr. Ralph A. Fritz (professor emeritus and former director of library education), to provide scholarships to students majoring in library science, who show enthusiasm for teaching, have leadership potential, a GPA above 3.0, and have contributed to the library science program in general.

Dr. Ralph Abner Fritz Scholarship

Established anonymously in memory of Dr. Ralph Abner Fritz, professor of library science from 1946-1955 to provide scholarship assistance to a worthy library science major.

Edith Mellner Education Scholarship

Established by Edith Mellner (emerita associate professor of health and physical education) to recognize the academic promise of an elementary education major.

Edwin and Jeanne Miller Scholarship

Established by Jeanne Snyder Miller '51 in honor of her marriage to Edwin Miller '53, and in recognition of his career as a librarian, to provide a scholarship to a worthy student majoring in library science.

Elaine M. Smith Scholarship

Established by Samuel P. Smith '43 (former president of Kutztown University Foundation) in memory of his wife, Elaine M. Smith '44, to recognize an  elementary education major who best demonstrates excellence in the professional semester experience.

Frank and Stephanie Vrana Scholarship

Library science major; teacher education

Georgiana Weaver Jackson '33 Memorial Fund

Elementary education freshmen.

Helen E. Ambrogio '70 Scholarship

Non-traditional student majoring in education.

Katherine D. Christ Award

Freshman or sophomore majoring in elementary education.

John Holingjak Jr. Scholarship

Established by John Holingjak Jr. '56 to provide scholarships for students from Montgomery, Chester, or Berks counties who demonstrate academic potential and are majoring in secondary education/biology.

Joy S. Helm '62 and '71 Scholarship

Established in memory of Joy S. Helm '62 and '71 by James C. Helm (husband), family, and friends to provide a scholarship to a deserving non-traditional student who has completed at least 30 credit hours and is in the teacher education program.

Leininger Scholarship

Established by Dr. Tom and Kay Leininger '67 to provide scholarship assistance to worthy library science, chemistry, or biochemistry majors who have completed 24 credits with a 3.0-3.5 GPA.

Lillian C. Hartman Scholarship

Freshman who scored greater than or equal to 1000 on the SATs, renewable with a 3.0 GPA.

Lillian E. Johnson Scholarship

Unmarried freshman, with a 3.5 GPA. Established by the estate of Mary Elise Johnson in memory of her sister, Lillian E. Johnson, former dean of women.

Linda Rose Fuellenbach Memorial Scholarship

Established by Rose Fuellenbach (mother) and friends in memory of Linda Rose Fuellenbach '57 to provide scholarships to library science majors (junior, senior, and graduate students) with a 3.0 or higher GPA.

Mary E. Kramer Sophomore Scholarship in Special Education

Established by the estate of Mary E. Kramer '33 to recognize a worthy full-time sophomore student with need who has demonstrated the ability and attitude to excel as a teacher of special education.  Recipient must have earned at least 32 credits but less than 64.

Mary Grace Wible Scholarship

Established in memory of Mary Grace Wible, retired art education professor at KU, as a bequest of her estate to provide a scholarship to a freshman Pennsylvania resident student of need, majoring in art education.

Michelle Shinsky Mason '73 Scholarship

Established by John and Michelle Mason '73 to provide scholarship assistance to a worthy full-time secondary education student majoring in science.

Myrtle Stofflet Keener Memorial Scholarship

Elementary education major with a part-time job. Established by Robert E. Clark Sr. and Lucille Keener Clark to honor the teaching record and dedication of her mother, Myrtle Stofflet Keener.

Naomi Evangeline Dietrich Long Scholarship

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Harley (daughter) in memory of Naomi Dietrich Long '19 to provide scholarships to freshman students meeting the following criteria: leadership potential, involvement in performing arts (music), character, responsibility, dependability, enthusiasm for teaching, performance in elementary education courses, attitude toward profession, contribution to elementary education program in general, serious financial need, who are majoring in elementary education.

Nicholas G. Stevens Scholarship

Freshmen students, one award for football players and one for a library science major; must have a 2.5 GPA.

Phyllis Booth Shone Presidential Scholarship

Given by Phyllis Booth Shone '50 in memory of her mother, Helen Bardill Booth, class of 1914, to underwrite a continuing four-year full-tuition scholarship to a new freshman majoring in education who has demonstrated exceptional academic performance and community involvement.

Ray and Marjorie Sunderland Scholarship

Established by Dr. Ray Sunderland (emeriti director of student teaching and professor of education) and Marjorie Sunderland '74 to provide scholarship aid to education majors who will student teach in England, Scotland or Wales.

S. Eleanor Ruth Brossman Scholarship

Established by Dr. and Mrs. Martin Brossman in memory of Sallie Eleanor Ruth Brossman, class of 1908, to provide scholarships to junior or senior female students majoring in elementary education with a concentration in early childhood education.

Sean Christopher Cieri Scholarship

Established in loving memory of Sean Christopher Cieri by his family and friends to provide scholarship assistance to a student majoring in secondary education or communication studies.

Tara Marie Koshinski Memorial Scholarship

Established by Daniel and Mary Koshinski, friends, family and employees of Computer Aid, Inc. in loving memory of Tara to provide scholarship assistance to a worthy elementary education major.

William P. Wewer '42 Scholarship

Established by William P. Wewer '42, to provide scholarship assistance to a worthy student majoring in special education/visually impaired program.

William U. and Mary A. Gabel Scholarship

Established by E. Margaret Gabel '50 in memory of her parents, William U. and Mary A. Gabel, to provide scholarship assistance to a female student majoring in library science.