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Online Payment Error Help

It has come to our attention that some students are having difficulties processing payments in the MyKU system. The most common reasons are the pop up blockers that MOST systems have. The payments made online are made at a Sallie Mae site, so it is a pop up of their site that allows you to enter information in their secure site and not touch ours with your private information. This keeps My KU open for you as well.

  • Do not toggle between browsers and pages while making a payment - this can break the connection with the processing agent.
  • Payments can time out if not completed in 3-4 minutes - this would then put the transaction into a pending status and unable to complete.
  • Do not cancel a transaction and then resubmit right away - the information may get stuck in commmunication.
  • Do not try payment attempts more than once in a 15 minute period of time - the system will decline automatically for duplicate payments.
  • Clear cache and cookies.
  • Make sure pop-ups are always allowed from the site -

Safari and Chrome Browsers - not encouraged for use making payments

  • These two browsers by their mere nature - do not allow cookies
  • When processing a payment, the Session ID is transferred back and forth between the payment processing agent and MyKU
  • Cookie must be enabled.  We will shortly post steps suggested to accomodate this.
  • If you prefer not making this change - please use another browser.

PC Users
Internet Explorer

  1. Tools, Internet Options, in the Browsing History section click Delete. Choose Temporary Internet Files and Cookies, Delete.
  2. Tools, Pop-up Blocker, Pop-up Blocker Settings. Add


  1. Tools, Clear Recent History, Details. Choose Cookies and Cache, Clear Now
  2. Tools, Options, Content, Exceptions. Allow

MAC Users

  1. Tools, Clear Private Data. Choose Cookies and Cache, Clear Private Data Now.
  2. Firefox, Preferences, Content, Exceptions. Allow


  1. Safari, Empty Cache, Empty
  2. Safari, Preferences, Block Cookies, Never
  3. Safari, Block Pop-up Windows