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International Student Financial Sponsors

Most students are financially sponsored by family, friends, or organizations. A sponsor must understand that they are making a financial commitment to the student, which should not be broken. Sponsors who fail to provide the promised support force students to drop out of school and cause pain and suffering. Do not expect that the student will be able to help support the costs of their education through employment. Employment is strictly controlled by USCIS (United States Citizen & Immigration Services) and is very limited.

To prove you are financially capable of providing this support for every year of the student's program, you must provide the following documents (Please note that if all of these documents are not sent, your support will not be considered.):

  • Affidavit of Financial Support (PDF): This form must be completely filled out in English, and must be completed by all persons (sponsors) financially supporting the student. All questions must be answered.
  • Bank statements: Along with the Affidavit of Financial Support, three (3) consecutive months of bank statements must be included. The bank statements must be in the sponsor's name and include the date the account was opened, the current balance in U.S. dollars, average deposits and average balances. We cannot accept statements that do not specify balances, unless it is stated to be a minimum of six figures in U.S. dollars. Please note that if another person's name appears on the bank statement, that person must also complete a separate affidavit or submit a notarized* statement permitting those funds to be considered as financial support for the student.

*There are notaries public at all U.S. Embassies. In the U.S., most neighborhood pharmacists, lawyers, and accountants are notaries. There are notaries in all countries, though the names for them may be different. They are officials licensed by the national or regional government to take sworn statements for courts of law or to witness contracts and property deeds.