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Meet the IEP Students

Pardovani Dominique

Home Country:  Haiti

Major: Biology, Specialization: Pre-Medical and Other Health Careers

Pardovani came from Haiti to further his education. He completed the Intensive English Program (IEP) in fall of 2012 and he has excelled in his college level courses at Kutztown University. He says the Intensive English Program taught him paper writing skills, presentation techniques, and improved his reading skills. His favorite part about the program was the opportunity to learn about other students' cultures while increasing his knowledge about American culture. He enjoyed his time in the program because "the staff is like family."


Romi Huang

Home Country: China

Major: Undeclared

Romi came from China seeking an English as a Second Language program to prepare her for American college-level coursework. She feels that the program has provided her with the necessary reading, writing, and oral communication skills to be a successful college student. She enjoys the KU campus because of amount of student activities that are made available to students on a daily basis. Her favorite activity is working out at the rec center with friends and sharing stories about their day. She continues to stay connected with the IEP instructors because they are valuable resources and have developed a strong, positive relationship with her.


Amanda Menges

Home Country: Japan

Major: Business Administration

Amanda was born and raised in Japan with an American military father. She decided that KU was the place to be because Pennsylvania is where her father was originally from. The location of the campus in the heart of beautiful Amish country allows her to focus on her studies. Her time spent in the Intensive English Program was valuable because she learned skills and techniques that she applies to her KU courses. Her biggest accomplishment is being capable of writing different types of essays with a varied vocabulary. She uses the continued support she receives from the Intensive English Program staff even after completion of the program through weekly tutoring sessions to assist with KU coursework.


Ngan Thai

Home Country: Vietnam

Major: Finance

 Ngan is a student who transferred to KU after completing a semester at a college in New York City. She was drawn to the country-like atmosphere that KU had to offer. She completed the Intensive English Program and is currently a full-time enrolled Kutztown University student. She sees the benefits from IEP daily in her regular KU courses. IEP taught her American classroom customs and structure, research paper writing procedures and citations of other's works, as well as quicker researching techniques. She has been able to utilize her English in "real" world situations while at the same time gaining an experience of a lifetime.