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How to Apply

Kutztown University has a rolling admissions practice. That means that when your application is complete, a counselor will review it and notify you of an admissions decision as soon as possible. You should apply as early as possible, especially if you are not currently in the U.S. If you need to obtain a student visa, know that the visa process can be lengthy and you will need to arrive a week before classes start to participate in a mandatory orientation program (first-year and Intensive English Program students). Please refer to the application deadlines listed on the right-hand side of this page.

Please choose your application type for application requirements:

  • Freshman: First-year students who completed high school or secondary school and want to pursue their first post-secondary or Bachelor's degree
  • Transfer and Second Degree: Students who are transferring from another college/university with twelve or more credits or students who want to pursue a second Bachelor's degree
  • Graduate: Students who have a Bachelor's degree and now wish to pursue a Master's degree
  • Exchange Students: Students from a partner institution outside of the U.S. planning to study at KU for one or two semesters but not seeking a degree from KU
  • Intensive English Program: Students who need or want to improve their English language reading, writing, and speaking skills before applying to a degree program

Students who previously attended KU and left for any reason, did not take classes at another institution, and now wish to return to KU should re-apply through the Registrar's Office.

International Undergraduate Application Deadlines

Recommended Deadlines:

Fall semester: August 1
Spring semester: December 1

Recommended Graduate Application Deadlines

Graduate Students

Most Programs:
*To enroll for the next Fall semester, apply by Aug. 1.

*To enroll for the next Spring semester, apply by Dec. 1.

Counseling Program:

*To enroll for the next Fall semester, apply by March. 1. 

*To enroll for the next Spring semester, apply by Oct. 1.