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Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Education in:

Library Science

Kutztown University offers two undergraduate programs in library science - a Bachelor of Science in Education which is a teaching program, and a Bachelor of Science, which is a non-teaching program.  

The program is taught by the Department of Library & Learning Technologies.

The Library Science program prepares skilled professional library information specialists. Students completing these programs are prepared as professional librarians to evaluate, select, collect, organize, store, retrieve and disseminate information. Candidates in the Library Science major take a broad spectrum of liberal arts courses, and gain an excellent knowledge of library technology. Instructional technology courses provide essential background and training in the effective use of instructional technologies such as computers, video, graphics, interactive multimedia and displays. 

Library Science - Bachelor of Science Highlights

The Instructional Certificate is issued to a person whose primary responsibility shall be direct contact with learners in teaching situations. Certification for Library Science K-12 may be earned at the undergraduate level, graduate level or a combination of both. In addition, individuals have the option of adding a Library Science certification if they hold a valid instructional certificate.

Field Experiences
There are practical learning components in the Library Science program. As sophomores, students spend observation time at elementary, middle and secondary school libraries in rural, urban and suburban areas. In the semester in which students complete 48 credits, they apply for candidacy status (see Admission and Teacher Preparation Programs section). During the junior year, candidates have the opportunity for a supervised professional field experience. In their senior year, candidates complete clinical field experience and practicum assignments in elementary and secondary libraries. Non-teaching degree majors complete field experiences in public, academic or special libraries.

Career Opportunities
Graduates with a degree in Library Science can find employment in academic and public libraries, information centers, information systems and technology, and electronic publishing.