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Undergraduate Research Fund

The Kutztown Undergraduate Research Fund provides funding for students to conduct research and present their findings at academic conferences. Funding is divided into two categories, based on project disciplines (Sciences, and Humanities and Arts).  For information on deadlines, guidelines and previously funded projects, click on the links below.


Humanities and Arts

Undergraduate research is made possible by:

Donors to the Kutztown University Foundation
The Kutztown University Foundation provided the original spark for this program as a way to promote excellence in learning at Kutztown University. The Kutztown University Foundation continuesKutztown University Foundation to provide 20% of our annual budget.
We sincerely thank those of you who donate to the KU Foundation to support this program!

Kutztown University faculty
Directing undergraduate research is a labor of love. Kutztown University faculty who do research with undergraduate students do so on their own time. These projects are strictly extracurricular! Faculty receive no pay, nor release time for their efforts - they devote their time to these projects solely for the benefit of our bright and motivated students. Time devoted to research with students means involved faculty have less time for other things in life. KU faculty who guide undergraduate research deserve thanks for their time and expertise. We thank those faculty for their dedication to our students and a greater intellectual atmosphere.