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Desire2Learn Course Retention Program


Recently PASSHE's Learning Management System provider, D2L, has informed all 14 universities that our dedicated space on their centralized servers in Canada was quickly filling. This has resulted in diminished system performance, especially where system maintenance and upgrades are concerned.

To mitigate this, D2L has suggested that each school in PASSHE retain 3 most current years of courses on their servers. The remaining courses will be removed. The result will be much more free space and improved system performance.

What does this mean for KU?

KU will remove only the course shells that were converted from Blackboard, dating from 2007 to Spring 2010.

No Academic course shells originally created in D2L will be removed. Each time an Academic course is offered through MyKU, a new course shell is created in D2L. Therefore no Academic courses converted from Blackboard to D2L are currently in use.

Non-Academic Organizations, however, do not receive new course shells each semester unless they had specifically requested them. Non-Academic Organization course shells converted from Blackboard may still be in use. These organizations could be impacted. Instructions about what Non-Academic Organizations should do next are found below.

What's next?

Authorized D2L users (staff and faculty) will receive an Excel document - available here as an attachment and at the link below - listing the converted Blackboard course shells to be removed with an explanation of how to read the data. Authorized users will be responsible for exporting their own course components and individual content files. Instructions are also provided below. Individualized assistance will be made available.

Student data (grades) and documents (dropbox files, discussion postings) within the course shells will not be preserved, but can be saved separately. Instructions for preserving this data are available below.

IMPORTANT: Owners of Non-Academic Organization course shells ONLY can request that a new shell be created, which eliminates the necessity of exporting course components and downloading files!

This will occur on January 10, 2014.

Will this happen each year?

Yes! Going forward, PASSHE have proposed to continue to retain three years of courses on D2L's server. This process will happen once a year on a pre-determined date as a maintenance measure. A course list will be made available each year and we will follow a similar procedure.

Course List (you must have Microsoft Excel to view this data)

The data in this spreadsheet is organized by pages with tabs, found at the bottom of the screen. The tabs are arranged by Non-Academic Organizations, and Academic Courses by year.

Tab description

Click on the tab to view the list. The Non-Academic Organizations list is color-coded for readability. Courses shown in yellow or red should be checked by logging into D2L and assessing whether or not the course and its materials should be preserved by the owner.

Courses in green have no associated content or instructors, and can be safely deleted.

All other items (Academic courses organized by year) will be removed. Please export your course content and student data if necessary!

Excel Spreadsheets of courses to be removed (.xlsx)!

How to!

Exporting Course Components (pdf/video)

Course Content: Downloading Individual Content files (pdf/video)

Student Data: Exporting Grades (pdf/video)

Student Data: Downloading Dropbox Submission Files (pdf/video)

Student Data: Saving Discussion Postings (pdf/video)