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Program Requirements

There are 4 concrete requirements that Honors students must meet in order to graduate with the Honors Distinction:

1. Complete a minimum of 21 credits of Honors coursework

  • Take one or more Honors courses during regular semesters until 21 credits are reached
  • Take a Course by Contract - students may take a maximum of two Course by Contracts for Honors Credit 
  • Independent Study - students may take one or two Independent Study courses for Honors Credit

2. Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.25 

  • If a student's GPA falls below a 3.25, he or she will be asked to meet with the Program Director and will be placed on one semester of probation
  • If a 3.25 GPA is repeatedly not met, it will result in expulsion from the program

3. Complete 30 hours of Community Service by graduation

  • Students must complete 5 hours of community service per semester until they reach a minimum of 30 hours
  • Probation and possible expulsion may result from failure to complete this semesterly requirement 
  • Service forms must be submitted to the Honors Program office as the hours are completed or by the end of that semester 

4. Completion of a Capstone or Senior Honors Thesis Project

  • A handbook is provided in the Honors Office that details the requirements of the Capstone project
  • The project/thesis should be tailored to the student's major and/or employment prospects
  • The project/thesis must be presented at a recognized conference