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Master of Education, Licensure in:

Student Affairs in Higher Education - College Counseling

The Master of Education program in Student Affairs (College Counseling) is designed to prepare students to deliver professional counseling services in student affairs in higher education. The program is structured to develop personal awareness of self as a counselor, knowledge of counseling and psychological concepts, and skills in counseling and mental health service delivery on college campuses. Emphasis is placed upon issues related to the student affairs profession and on issues of college student development. Students are given opportunities for experiences that are practical, specialized, and theoretically oriented. Students also develop the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and conducting assessment and research related to the delivery of counseling services on college campuses.

This is a sixty (60) semester hour program, which requires a comprehensive examination for degree completion. Applicants are notified of the date of the interview after other general admission requirements have been completed. All courses are three semester hours unless otherwise stated. All students accepted into this program must complete all requirements within eight (8) calendar years. Upon completion of the program, students will have met the academic eligibility requirements to sit for the Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor Examination.

Professional credits students who intend to apply for admission to this program are limited to THREE courses prior to admission.

Description of Field Experience

COU 594 Field Experience - This field experience must take place in a college counseling environment (counseling center or other appropriate campus setting where counseling services are provided). The Field Experience is 6 semester hours: No more than 3 semester hours may be completed per semester; therefore, two consecutive semesters (Fall/Spring) of Field Experience must be taken. The internships should be scheduled during the final semesters. Students are expected to have completed ALL course work prior to taking COU594, Field Experience. (Exceptions to the MUST be cleared by the student's faculty advisor.) Internship requires a pre-registration and malpractice insurance. Please contact your advisor regarding the approval of the site. PREREQUISITE: CPY 580.

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Admission Requirements

Official transcripts from previous colleges or universities (non-KU), 3 letters of recommendation, 3.0 undergraduate GPA, psychobiographical statement, resume.

Application and Admission information

Recommended Graduate Application Deadlines

Graduate Students

For Counseling/Student Affairs programs:

*To enroll for the next Fall semester, complete application file by Feb. 1 (early review) or March 1 (regular review).

*To enroll for the next Spring semester, complete application file by Sept. 1 (early review) or Oct. 1 (regular review).