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Master of Science in:

School Counseling

The M.S. in School Counseling assists graduate students in developing the competencies necessary for a position as a counselor in school settings. The program is structured to enable graduate students to develop personal awareness of self as a counselor, knowledge of counseling and educational concepts, and skills in counseling students at a variety of age levels. Included in this program is an emphasis on developing assessment and research skills and using research findings in school counseling.  The 51-credit program provides opportunities to meet the requirements for Elementary School Counseling, Secondary School Counseling, or dual certification.  The 60-credit program School Certification and Licensure program meets the requirements to be a Pennsylvania Certified School Counselor and meets the academic requirements for the Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor Examination.

Please note:

The faculty members of the Department of Counseling and Human Services reserve the right to terminate the training or supervision of any candidate who shows himself/herself incapable of achieving an acceptable standard of personal and/or professional behavior. This standard also applies to candidates for admission.

Other Related Programs

Students may also be interested in our Master of Education programs in higher education administration or College Counseling Licensure.