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Dr. Ken Danielson

Dr. Ken Danielson has been teaching at Kutztown University for a number of years. He earned his Ph.D. in Rhetorical Studies from Kent State University. He also holds advanced degrees in Contemporary Theology (M.Div.) as well as Psychology and Pastoral Counseling (M.A.). Those interest areas also show up in classes and research periodically.Over the years, he has taught at a number of schools in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

He especially enjoys teaching Interpersonal Communication because students learn a great deal about themselves as well as about the communication going on around them. Dr. Danielson also teaches Fundamentals of Oral Communication, Rhetorical Criticism and Theory, and Family Communication. His main teaching approach is to show how the course material applies to everyday experiences and to open students’ eyes to how much they have taken for granted in their daily communication.

His research interests include topics as diverse as religious communication and popular culture studies. Other personal passions include the Baltimore Ravens (when they play well, that is) and cinematic soundtracks (which usually play well). His leisure reading also covers a broad array of genres: Sci-fi & fantasy (from the classics to Brandon Sanderson, a new favorite), traditional mysteries ("I’m only just now working my way through the Dick Francis stories" he says), cultural commentary, and well-written histories.

Spiritual interests are a high priority as he teaches adult classes at his local church in a small group setting. Important books that have shaped his life include What’s So Amazing About Grace?, Messy Spirituality, and almost anything by C. S. Lewis or Robert Farrar Capon.

He and his wife, Debbie, enjoy art, movies and traveling when possible. They have three children who have grown and left home for their own careers. This leaves them sharing their home with only their two deranged cats, Narby and DuctTape, who are convinced that Ken and Debbie’s sole purpose for existence is to feed them on command at any hour of the day or night.