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Meet Our Faculty

Chair of the Department of Music
Dr. Jeremy Justeson


Prof. Daniel Neuenschwander, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Chamber Winds, and the KU Marching Unit (KUMU)

Dr. Henry Alviani, Choir

Dr. Kevin Kjos, Jazz Ensembles

Prof. Jonathan Moser, Orchestra

Chamber Ensemble
Dr. Maria Asteriadou, Chamber Music
Dr. Marie-Aline Cadieux, Chamber & String Ensembles
Prof. Nate Radley, Popular Music Ensemble
Dr. Soo Goh, Clarinet Ensemble
Dr. Jeremy Justeson, Saxophone Ensembles
Dr. Frank Kumor, Percussion & World Percussion
Prof. Carver Scott Lee, Jazz Combos
Dr. Susanna Loewy, Flute Ensemble
Dr. John Metcalf, Brass Choir
Prof. Daniel Neuenschwander, Brass Quintet & Trombone Choir
Dr. Mary Ogletree, String Ensemble
Dr. Henry Alviani, Bear Voices


Brass Faculty
Dr. Kevin Kjos, Trumpet
Dr. John Metcalf, Euphonium & Tuba
Prof. Daniel Neuenschwander, Trombone
Prof. Shari Gleason-Mayrhofer, Horn

Jazz Faculty
Prof. Cathy Chemi, Jazz Voice
Prof. Nate Radley, Guitar
Prof. Neal Kirkwood, Jazz Piano and Jazz Vibes
Dr. Kevin Kjos, Trumpet, Jazz Studies, Jazz Ensembles, & Brass Ensemble
Prof. Adam Kolker, Saxophone
Prof. Carver Scott Lee, Bass

Keyboard Faculty
Dr. Maria Asteriadou, Piano & Class Piano
Dr. Ina Grapenthin, Organ & Class Piano
Dr. Daniel Immel, Piano & Class Piano

Music Education Faculty
Dr. Marie-Aline Cadieux, String Techniques
Dr. Ina Grapenthin, Elementary Methods
Dr. Jeremy Justeson, Woodwind Techniques
Prof. Jonathan Moser, String Techniques
Prof. Daniel Neuenschwander, Instrumental Methods
Dr. John Metcalf, Brass Techniques
Dr. Frank Kumor, Percussion Techniques
Dr. Valerie Trollinger, Overture to Music Education, Secondary Methods
Dr. Henry Alviani, Choral Methods

Music History Faculty
Dr. Daniel Immel, Introduction to Music Literature
Dr. Susanna Loewy, Introduction to Music Literature
Prof. Jonathan Moser, Introduction to Music Literature
Dr. R. Todd Rober, Music History, Introduction to Music Literature
Dr. Soo Goh, Introduction to Music Literature
Dr. Valerie Trollinger, Introduction to Music Literature

Percussion Faculty
Dr. Frank Kumor, Percussion
Dr. A.J. Merlino, Percussion
Prof. John Riley, Jazz Percussion

Strings Faculty
Dr. Mary Ogletree, Violin
Prof. Jonathan Moser, Violin, Viola
Dr. Marie-Aline Cadieux, Cello, String Bass
Prof. Scott Lee, String Bass
Prof. Nate Radley, Guitar

Theory & Composition Faculty
Dr. Marie-Aline Cadieux, Aural Skills & Music Theory
Dr. Frank Kumor, Aural Skills & Music Theory
Prof. Jonathan Moser, Aural Skills
Dr. John Metcalf, Composition
Dr. Mary Ogletree, Music Theory

Voice Faculty
Prof. Cathy Chemi, Jazz Voice
Dr. Trucilla Sabatino, Voice
Dr. Henry Alviani, Voice

Woodwind Faculty
Dr. Jeremy Justeson, Saxophone
Dr. Susanna Loewy, Flute
Dr. Valerie Trollinger, Bassoon
Prof. Kim Webster, Oboe
Dr. Soo Goh, Clarinet