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Music Minor

Application and Audition to the Department of Music IS required

Required Courses: (12 Credit Hours)

  • Classroom Instruction: 8 S.H.
  • MUS 010 Intro to Music Literature (3)
  • MUS 101 Aural Skills I (2)
  • MUS 102 Harmony & Theory I (3)

Note: MUS 020 (Basic Concepts and Skills of Music) or its equivalent, is a prerequisite for MUS 102. MUS 020 may be used as a Music Elective.

Ensemble Instruction: 2 S.H.

Take credits from Department of Music ensembles. (An audition with the Ensemble Director is required)

  • MUP *** (1)
  • MUP *** (1)

Private Instruction: 2 S.H.

Take credits from among any private lessons offered by the Department of Music, or Voice Class.

  • MUP # (1)
  • MUP # (1)


With the guidance of a Music advisor, select credits from any MUS or MUP course. (Do not select MUS 223, 229, 380, or 391)

Notes:   #These courses require a "C" or better. The student must achieve a "C" or better to continue as a Music Minor.

Download the Minor Check Sheet here