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BS Music Education Curriculum

Application and Audition to the Department of Music IS required

This program serves teacher candidates who wish to be certified to teach general, instrumental, and choral music in kindergarten through twelth grade in Pennsylvania schools. This certification is also accepted as initial certification in many other states. The curriculum includes all of the core music requirements in the Bachelor of Arts in Music as well as the following professional education courses:

Professional Courses

  • MUU 100 Overture to Music Education (3 credits)
  • EDU 150 Eng Language Learners (3 credits)
  • SPU 201 Cognitive Dev/Diverse Learners (3 credits)
  • SPU 314 Strategies for Disabilities (3 credits)
  • SPU 316 Literacy Development (3 credits)

Music Education

  • MUU 220 Elementary Music Methods (3 credits)
  • MUU 222 Secondary Music Methods (3 credits)
  • MUU 231 String Techniques (1 credit)
  • MUU 232 Woodwind Techniques (1 credit)
  • MUU 233 Brass Techniques (1 credit)
  • MUU 234 Percussion Techniques (1 credit)
  • MUU 299 Music Ed Lab (1 credit)
  • MUU 320 Instrumental Methods (3 credits)
  • MUU 322 Choral Methods (3 credits)
  • MUS 230 Introduction to Music Technology (3 credits)
  • MUU 390/391 Clinical Experience (12 credits, 6 + 6)

B. S. in Music Education Checksheet

Forms for Current BS Music Education Students:


NASM requirements dictate that all music majors must acquire keyboard competency. Therefore music majors are required to pass the Piano Proficiency prior to Clinical Experience. The piano proficiency will be offered each semester during jury week.

Students may enroll in class or studio piano as a Music Elective until the proficiency is passed.

The following represent the requirements for the Piano Proficiency for the BS in Music Education:

Major Scales: Students will play all of the major scales, two octaves, hands together in parallel motion, performed at a metronome marking of quarter note = 63, two notes per beat.

Minor Scales: Students will play all of the minor scales, two octaves, hands together in parallel motion performed at a metronome marking of quarter note = 63, two notes per beat.

Cadences: Students will play the I, IV6/4, I, V6/5, I cadence in all of the major and minor keys.

Harmonization: Students will harmonize a symbol-free melody at sight, using at least the primary chords.

Patriotic Songs: Students will play the following patriotic songs from memory: Star Spangled Banner in the keys of Bb and Ab, America the Beautiful in the keys of C and Bb, and America in the keys of F and Eb.