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We have a very broad base for our internships. We have students working with sports teams in Philly, in the fashion and music industry in NYC, and with many other organizations. We highly encourage students to take at least one three-credit internship, and up to six credits in internships may be counted toward the communication studies major. Students must choose an academic advisor for their internship, and the paperwork for all internships is available from the Communication Studies Office. Students may complete an internship during the fall, spring, or summer term.

A 2.5 overall GPA, and 2.75 GPA in the communication studies major, is required for all internships offered by the Department of Communication Studies.

Certain courses are required for each of the five types of internships offered, as follows: 

Public Relations internship:

COM170 and WRI216

Organizational Communication internship:

COM274 and select one from list below






Political/Public Sector internship:

COM205 and COM210

Performance Studies/Interdisciplinary Arts internship:

Completion of at least 45 university credits, of which at least two courses must be in Performance Studies or by permission of the Department Chair

Media Organization internship:


and/or COM245

and/or COM274

Please contact Dr. Claire Van Ens by email or call 610-646-4396 for more information.

Download the Internship Evaluation Form here.

Download the Internship Handbook here.