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Prof. Roxane Rix

Associate Professor Roxane Rix joined the Dept. of Speech Communication & Theatre in 2001, for the next thirteen years teaching acting, directing, and other theatre courses and directing award-winning student productions.  When the Theatre program was eliminated in 2014 as part of system-wide   budget cuts, Prof. Rix remained with the newly named Dept. of Communication Studies, teaching Fundamentals of Oral Communication.

Prof. Rix's publications include articles and a book chapter on her specialty, Alba Emoting (now called the Alba Method), a non-psychological technique for emotional freedom for actors. The senior instructor of the method in the United States, she is a founding member of the Alba Method Association. Prof. Rix holds a BA in Speech Communication and Theatre, an MFA in Directing from University of Minnesota, and a Certificate in Acting and Directing from Sonia Moore's American Stanislavski Theatre