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Dr. Ronald Grapsy

Ronald Grapsy studied Rhetoric and Public Address at Penn State University, and is a proponent of the theories of John Dewey. He received his M.A. in 1996, and his Ph. D. in 2004, with a specialization in Educational Philosophy. He worked at Xavier University, Northern Kentucky University, Thomas More College, Penn State University (Main, Berks, and Lehigh Campuses), prior to his arrival at KU in 2003. He has taught public speaking in numerous contexts to different age groups, as well as persuasion and public advocacy, rhetorical theory, and political activism. At KU, he is coordinator of the basic public speaking class dedicated to high-anxiety students. His dissertation focuses on how teaching the skills of public speaking is best done with an eye toward how those skills are also central to being an effective citizen in a modern democracy.

His research focus centers on pedagogy and civic engagement. Dr. Grapsy has presented and published research on overcoming speaking anxiety and how that challenge can impact graduation rates, how best to assess outcomes in speaking classes, and how communication classes can be designed to inspire the next generation of knowledgeable and active citizens.

Dr. Ron is a political junkie, a Dead-head, a proud Libertarian, and a fierce advocate for the virtues of self-reliance and civic engagement. He is also a die-hard Steelers fan.