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Dr. Brian Heslop

Brian Heslop

A native of Utah, I earned a BA in English from Weber State University and an MA in Professional Communication from Southern Utah University.  I then graduated from the University of Memphis with a Ph.D. in Communication.

I joined the Communication Studies Department at Kutztown in 2015, and I love being a part of a faculty whose research interests are diverse and also supportive of my own. I study political and religious rhetoric, American public address and civic controversy. My dissertation looks at analogical arguments in three major religio-civic controversies: the "Ground Zero Mosque," the Westboro Baptist Church, and the Ordain Women movement in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have published on the 2012 presidential campaign and in the field of digital communication, and  I regularly present my work at academic conferences. 

Aside from research, what I love most about the Communication Studies Department at Kutztown is its focus on the students. My pedagogical philosophy is rhetoric-centered, and I seek to cultivate within students a skill set that encompasses the Burkean attitude of being "symbol-wise." My hope is for students to exercise wise judgment and utilize discourse effectively in the larger public sphere.