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Dr. Andrea Mitnick

Andi MitnickDr. Andrea Mitnick is an experienced trainer in platform presentation skills, interpersonal communication skills, team skills, leadership development, and gender communication. She has conducted workshops for a variety of organizations, including ARCO Chemical, The Franklin Mint, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter, New York State Electric and Gas, ConEd, MichCon, and the Sheet Metal Workers of North America. She is a consultant with the Center for Generational Studies in Denver, Colorado, and presents workshops nationally around the topic of generational diversity in the workforce.

She is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Kutztown University where she teaches presentation skills, Public Relations Techniques, Crisis Communication, and Leadership Communication. Previously an Assistant Professor of Communication at Penn State University, she won the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award in 1995. She received her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Communication from Temple University, and her research on a wide range of topics has been published in both journals and textbooks. Most recently, she has been writing about generational differences in the construction trades. She has presented more than 23 juried papers at national and international conferences since arriving at Kutztown University in 1995.

A former Junior Olympic gold medalist in swimming, Dr. Mitnick now swims for pleasure, lifts weights, and walks. She has lived and taught in Switzerland, and continues to travel extensively in Europe, China and the Pacific Rim, Mexico and North America. In 2000, 2004 and 2009, she served as a faculty member with Semester at Sea, where she lived and worked on board the SS Universe Explorer, a floating university that takes over 600 students and 22 faculty around the world for 100 days. She taught Intercultural Communication, Public Speaking, Leadership Development and Strategic Communication.

In 2002, 2003, and 2005, she taught Crisis Management and Communication at the Diplomatic Institute in Moscow, Russia. She was awarded a Fulbright fellowship in 2007 to do work at the Diplomatic Academy in Moscow, Russia, and received a second Fulbright fellowship for spring of 2014 to lecture and teach courses in Budapest, Hungary.

She and a colleague, Dr. William F. Maloney, Director of The Center for Labor Education and Research and The Raymond Shaver Chair of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Kentucky, have done supervisory training for the Sheet Metal industry, as well as training in supervision, leadership and preventing discriminatory practices for The South Central Workforce Investment Board of central Pennsylvania, as well as various union locals and apprenticeship programs.