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Theatre Productions

KU Theatre presents Black Comedy

Performed by KU students under the direction of Prof. Roxane Rix.Black Comedy #2

Can you see in the dark? In this farce by renowned playwright Peter Shaffer (Equus, Amadeus), you can! Young starving artist Brindsley Miller has "borrowed" expensive furniture from an unsuspecting neighbor in order to throw a cocktail party for a wealthy art dealer - but before the first guest arrives, the power goes out, plunging the apartment into total darkness (for the characters, that is - for the audience, it's lights up!). When the neighbor unexpectedly joins the party, Brindsley frantically works to return the furniture while his guests are still in the dark. Complications ensue, of course, resulting in what the New York Daily News termed "a dazzling comic ballet".

Performances are at 8 pm on November 6, 7, 8, 14, and 15, and at 2 pm on November 16 in 135 Rickenbach Learning Center.

Purchase tickets at the MSU Information Desk: $10/students and $15/adults. All tickets at door: $15.

Brindsley Eric Eldred
Carol Erin Dixon
Miss Furnival Krysta Leigh
Colonel Christopher LaRose
Harold Taylor Clark
Clea Carly Robinson
Schuppanzigh Stephen Aguirre
Bamberger Jamal Jordan

Photos by Robert Reinecke.


Black Comedy #3