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Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee

LAS-CC Committee Members 2014-2015

Anthropology/Sociology Jason Crockett
Biology Cristen Rosch Secretary/UCC Representative
Computer Science Charlie Shim General Education Committee Representative
Criminal Justice Arthur Garrison Vice Chair
English Ellesia Blaque UCC Representative
Geography Steve Schnell Alternate UCC Representative
History Douglas Lea
LAS Dean's Office David Beougher Acting Dean
Mathematics Eric Landquist
Modern Language Studies Lynn Kutch Chair
Philosophy Ashraf Adeel
Physical Science Matthew Junker
Political Science George Hale
Psychology Catherine Best
Social Work Sharon Lyter

Meeting Schedule 2014-2015

Meeting Date Meeting Room Deadline for Agenda
September 4, 2014 GC 200 August 25, 2014*
September 9, 2014
(September continuation meeting if needed)
GC 200
October 2, 2014 GC 200 September 19, 2014
November 6, 2014
(Meeting cancelled)
GC 200 October 27, 2014
November 11, 2014 GC 200 November 5, 2014
February 5, 2015 GC 200 January 26, 2015*
February 10, 2015
(February continuation meeting if need)
GC 200
March 5, 2015 (canceled due to snow) GC 200 February 23, 2015
April 2, 2015 GC 200 March 23, 2015
April 5, 2015 (continuation meeting if needed) GC 200

*New courses need to be approved by UCC by October 1 for the Spring term and by March 1 for the Fall term. New program and program versions are effective the corresponding semester of the following academic year after they are passed by the UCC. The UCC has the right to grant exceptions in unique circumstances. (From the UCC website)

Meeting Schedule (PDF)
Current Procedure for LAS-CC Proposals (PDF)
Format for Proposals: UCC Guidelines and coversheet forms (for both MS Word and PDF)

Note: Julie Fiorini ( maintains the proposal ID database.  Please contact her via email to get ID numbers assigned for your proposals.

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