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The Psychology Senior Comprehensive Evaluation

Like other majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, all psychology majors have to pass a senior comprehensive to qualify for graduation. Effective Fall 2012, students who have not yet completed senior comps with their advisor must complete the Career Development Portfolio (CDP) in accordance with the requirements listed in the handout in order to meet the senior comps requirements for graduation. The portfolio is to be submitted to the student's Senior Seminar instructor, who will evaluate it and determine whether or not it meets the requirements. The requirements of the CDP are listed in the handout. 

*Three important notes:

  1. Seniors who have been told they already satisfied comps with their advisor do not need to submit a Career Development Portfolio.
  2. Seniors who are in the process of completing their senior comps with their advisor under the pre-Fall 2012 requirements, or seniors who have already completed Senior Seminar, should consult with their advisor about what to do to pass senior comps.
  3. Although the portfolio is evaluated by the Senior Seminar instructor, it is not necessarily a component of the student's grade in Senior Seminar.

*Download the Fall 2012 version of the senior comps for all of the information

Q:  I downloaded and read the comps requirements but I have more questions.

A:  Ask one of the graduate assistants or your advisor or send an email to the Senior Comps Coordinator, Dr. Emmanuel Akillas:

Updated 9-4-12