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Psychology Major

The Psychology major offers four undergraduate B.S. degree tracks or concentrations, each consisting of 120 credits: GeneralClinical-CounselingIndustrial-Organizational, and Paralegal Studies.  The tracks help to prepare students better for subfields within psychology, giving students a sense of whether the area is a good fit for them personally. Specializing in a track does not, however, limit a student's career or graduate school opportunities as the degree being earned in all cases is a B.S. degree in psychology. Students in any track can later pursue careers or apply to graduate school within any field of psychology. Accordingly, selection of a track should depend upon interests, career goals and graduation target date. The PSY major suggested course sequence sheet can also help with selecting which courses to take during certain semesters. All of the information about the major, possible tracks, courses, etc. is in the Psychology Student Handbook.

Old vs. New General Education

If you entered KU before Fall 2011 you are under the old General Education program (without competencies).  If you entered KU in Fall 2011 or later, or changed majors in Fall 2011 or later, you are in the new General Education program (with competencies).  Exception: Until Fall 2014, students who earned 30 or more credits prior to entering KU are eligible to be grandfathered into the old General Education program. So, most transfer students with 30 or more credits should still be under the old General Education.  The MyKU degree audit will show which General education program you are following.  If you have been granted a waiver to be grandfathered, there will be a notation in your degree audit. If you think you should have a waiver but do not see one there, contact your advisor or the department secretary.

Psychology Tracks 

There are four tracks to choose from but in each case your major IS Psychology. There is a common core across tracks so tracks primarily differ in electives.  The electives give you a better sense of what that area of specialization is like. Each and every track, however, prepares you for any bachelor's level career or graduate study program that recruits psychology majors. That means, for example, that a Psych major in the I/O track can apply to graduate school in clinical-counseling and vice versa.

Come to the Psychology Department main office to request a change of major.

WORD OF WARNING:  If you switch tracks then you are automatically moved to the new General Education program because the most current version of the major includes the new Gen Ed. If you were in old Gen Ed and want to switch tracks, on the change of major form you must request to remain in the old Gen Ed.