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Past Talks

Fall 2015

  • 9/3 "Getting a Grip on Gross:  Morality and Disgust" Dr. Brian Besong, Kutztown University
  • 9/17 "The Retcon of the Soul (Retroactive Continuity: How our mind works like a comic book)" Dr. Roman Althsuler, Philosophy Department

Spring 2015

  • 1/30 "Revolution in Philosophy"  Dr. Danielle Macbeth, Haverford College
  • 2/12 "The Sorates Dilema: It's Not a Heap of Trouble" Dr. Allan Back, Kutztown University
  • 3/19  "Abandoning Personal Identity"  Brendan O'Brien
  • 4/16  "Issues in Induction"  Keyana Kern
  • 5/1  "Objects that are not Objects"  Graham Priest, CUNY

Fall 2014

  • 9/4  "What is Non-Violence?"  Dr. Allan Back
  • 9/18  "Absolutely God:  Hegel and St. Anselm on Deity"  Jay Winkleman
  • 10/2  "Cadillacs, Private Schools, and the latest Designer Genes"  Jessica Williams
  • 10/16 "Un[Locke]ing your Quasi-Memory:  Memory and Personal Identity"  Brendan O'Brien
  • 10/30 "How to Study the History of Philosophy" Joshua Steinberg
  • 11/20  "Muddy Identity"  Allan Back

Spring 2014

  • 1/30 "You Don't Know Jack" Jay Winkleman
  • 2/13  "Plato's Couplings how to hook up with Forms"  Zachary Groff, KU alumnus
  • 3/13  "Plato's Rebellion Against the Aristocracy"  Jay Winkleman
  • 4/3  "Descartes Duped"  Keyana Kern
  • 4/9  "Platonism vs. Naturalism" Dr. Lloyd Gerson, Philosophy Department, University of Toronto
  • 4/17  "Building Moral Character - in Western Sports and in the Asian Martial Arts"  Allan Back
  • 5/2  "Levels of Explanation in Cognitive Science"  Dr. Zachary Abrahams, Philosophy Department, Cornell University

Fall 2013

  • 9/6 "The Justice of War" Phoenix Strouse
  • 9/19 "Zeno's Reality" Josh Steinberg
  • 10/3 "Why Facebook is Making You Vicious" Dr. Andrew Corsa
  • 10/17 "If You're So Smart, Why Ain't You Rich?" Dr. Theodore Korzukhin
  • 10/31 "Kant Get Enough of Hume" Jay Winkleman
  • 11/14 "Anselm is Wrong About God" Brendan O'Brian
  • 11/21 "Cultural Diversity, Globalization and the Future of Democracy" Dr. Michele Moody-Adams, Joseph Straus Professor of Political Philosophy and Legal Theory, Columbia University
  • 12/4 "The Moral Value of Envy" Dr. Krista Thomason, Philosophy Department, Swarthmore College

Spring 2013

  • 2/7 "Un-entangle Me" Jeremy Henry
  • 2/18 "Socrates, Guilt, and Salvation" Dr. George Rudebusch, Professor of Philosophy, Northern Arizona University - Flagstaff
  • 3/7 "Snooki Meets the Situation" J. Dum
  • 3/28 "An Ultimate Truth That Works" William Roth
  • 4/11 "The Dao of Physics" Phoenix Strouse
  • 4/23 "New Value Problems in Epistemology" Chienkuo Mi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan and Visiting Scholar, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University
  • 4/25 "Refute This" Ian Tomes
  • 5/10 "Anti-Theorist Dancy with the Wrong Math: B<C when A+B>A+C?" Dr. Yong Huang

Fall 2012

  • 9/20 "Original Sin" Milo Crimi
  • 10/4 "Fifty Shades of Aristotle" J. Dum
  • 10/25 "Ockham, Supposition, and Mental Content" Dr. Calvin Normore, Philosophy Department, UCLA
  • 11/8 "Discussion of Thomas Pogge's Works on World Poverty" KU Student Philosophy Association
  • 12/6 "Einstein's Jewish Science" Professor Steven Gimbel, Edwin T. and Cynthia Shearer Johnson Chair for Distinguished Teaching in the Humanities, Gettysburg College

Spring 2012

  • "The Grecian and Judeo-Christian Background in Heidegger's Conception of Dasein: A Possible Meeting-point for Eastern and Western Philosophies" Wensheng Wang, Professor of Philosophy, National Chengchi University, Tapei, Taiwan
  • 3/22  "Identity Crisis" Jeremy Henry
  • 3/1  "Information Ethics - A View from the Trenches" Oskars Rieksts, KU Computer Science Department
  • 2/2  "The Ethical Dimension of a Drug Deal" J. Dum
  • 2/16  "To Be or Not to Be the Value of a Bound Variable" Milo Crimi

Fall 2011

  • 12/9  "Why We Should Believe in Libertarian Free Will" Howard Robinson, Professor of Philosophy, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
  • "It's All About Barbara: A Case in Modalilty" James Pearson, B.A. Philosophy, Kutztown University
  • "Cultural Imperialism? A Case in Muslim India" Colleen Fitzgerald, B.A. Philosophy, Kutztown University, M.A. English, Lehigh University
  • 10/27  Panel Discussion on Deep Ecology
  • 10/6  "Ockham's Ups and Downs" Milo Crimi
  • 9/22  "The Tragedy of Gorgias" Zach Groff
  • 9/8  "Why I Hate Bad Movies" Allan Back, Philosophy Department

Spring 2011

  • 4/14  "Cosmic Fine-Tuning and God" Dr. Robin Collins, Messiah College
  • 3/24  "How Dewey Ducks the Moral Issues" Zachary Groff
  • 2/24  "How to Walzer Your Way to the Top" Nicholas Clarkin-Wright
  • 2/10  "Assault and Battery Upon Anselm" Milo Crimi

Fall 2010

  • 12/10  "Science and Values" Hugh Lacey, Department of Philosophy, Swarthmore College
  • 11/18  "A Soul Is a Terrible Thing for a Mind to Think It Has to Waste" Isaac Earley
  • 11/4  "The Reality of Fiction" Deanna Smith, KU alumna and Philosophy MA candidate, Texas Tech University
  • 10/21  "The Tao of Aquinas"  Jeremy Henry
  • 10/07  "Zen Zombies...The Truth about Bruce Lee" Professor Allan Back, Kutztown University
  • 9/23  "First I Look at the Peirce" Milo Crimi
  • 9/9  "All you need is love" Peter Secor

Spring 2010

  • 4/8  "Bradley and the Ideality of Thought"  Zachary Groff
  • 3/25  "Darwin's 'Voyage of the HMS Beagle' Revisited"  John Studenroth, BFC Chaplain
  • 2/19  "Agape and Eros Revisited" Professor Andrew Payne, Department of Philosophy, Saint Joseph's University
  • 2/09  "Is Human Nature All That Bad?" Peter Secor
  • 1/28  "Epistemic Failure" Milo Crimi

Fall 2009

  • 12/11  "Mistakes of Reason: Aristotle on the Practical Syllogism" Professor Allan Back, KU Philosophy Department
  • 11/12  "I Think; Therefore God Is:  Anselm's Ontological Argument" Brian Lust
  • 10/29 "Thinking Clearly About Violence" Allan Back, KU Philosophy Department
  • 10/8  "The Incarnation and Unity of Consciousness" Joseph Jedwab, KU Philosophy Department
  • 10/02  "Dialethism and the Limits of Language" Graham Priest, Boyce Gibson Professor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne and Arche Visiting Professor, University of St. Andrews
  • 9/24  "Is Brain Death Death?" Dr. John Lizza, KU Philosophy Department
  • 9/10  "No Willing Sinners: The Prudential Paradox of Socrates" Vadim Fedorovsky

Spring 2009

  • 4/24  "Similarities out of Balance: The Dictator, the Blob, and You" Professor Michael Morreau, Department of Philosophy, University of Maryland
  • 4/16  "Free speech and Government speech" Charles Cieri, KU Philosophy graduate
  • 3/31  "Organ Transplantation, Personal Identity, and Social Justice" Tangjia Wang, Fudan University/Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Southern Illinois University
  • 3/26  "Sludge 101:  From the Flush to Your Food Source" Daree Sicher
  • 3/12  "The Logic of God" Andrew Dorman, KU Philosophy graduate
  • 2/19  "Adultery: Immoral or Not?" Vadim Fedorovsky
  • 2/5  "The KI to Power in the Martial Arts" Allan Back, KU Philosphy Department
  • 1/22  "Is the Veil of Ignorance 'Bear'able?" Jonathan Sandman

Fall 2008

  • 12/09 "Representation, Cognition, and Language" Dr. Mark H. Bickhard, Henry R. Luce Professor in Cognitive Robotics & The Philosophy of Knowledge, Lehigh University
  • 11/13 "Schizophrenic? Ask Jekyll and Hyde" Jonathan Sandman
  • 10/31 "Revisiting Plato's Generation of Number" Mike Barkasi
  • 10/23 "Potentiality and Persons at the Margins of Life" John Lizza, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University
  • 10/08  "Logic and Theology in the Middle Ages" Paul Thom, Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney
  • 10/02  "Carrot killing -- and Other Problems of a Vegan Philosophy" Michael Piccillo
  • 9/18  "A Conversation with Michael Parenti: Terrorism and Super-Patriotism" Dr. Michael Parenti
  • 9/4  "A Gambling Problem Even God Can't Solve [Although I Might be Mistaken]" Mike Barkasi

Spring 2008

  • 4/22 "Sober on Intelligent Design Theory and the Intelligent Designer" Professor John Beaudoin, Dept. of Philosophy, Northern Illinois University
  • 4/14 "Religious Ultimates and the Prejudice of Mutual Exclusivity: A Pluralistic Problematique" Professor Matthew S. Lopresti, Hawaii Pacific University
  • 4/7  "Naturalism and Non-Naturalism in Ethics" Professor Noell Birondo, Department of Philosophy, Pomona Colege
  • 4/2 "A Lockean Theory of the Trinity and Incarnation" Professor Joseph Jedwab, Oriel College, Oxford
  • 3/27  "Alternative Conceptual Schemes" M. Ashraf Adeel, Philosophy Dept.
  • 3/11  "O Say Can You See" Jonathan Sanders
  • 2/21  "Why Fair Trade is Unfair" John Riley, Political Science Dept.
  • 2/7  "Is God Necessary?" Allan Back, Philosophy Dept.
  • 1/24  "Just Campaigning or Just Campaigning: Plato and the Elections" Mike Barkasi

Fall 2007

  • 11/29 "Mathematical Explanation in Science" Dr. Alan Baker, Department of Philosophy, Swarthmore College
  • 11/15 "No More Meatings" James Pearson, KU Philosophy Student
  • 11/1 "Tao as Fundamental Reality" Andrew Dorman,  KU Alumnus
  • 10/19 "Chic Ironic Bitterness" Dr. R. J. Magill, American Academy of Berlin
  • 10/4  "The Precautionary Principle and Ethical Issues in Toxicology" Dr. Steven G. Gilbert, Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders, Seattle, Washington
  • 9/20  "Taking the Racy out of Racism" Michael Barkasi, KU Philosophy Student
  • 9/6  "A Man's Right to Choose" Deanna Smith, KU Philosophy Student

Spring 2007

  • 4/30 "Consciousness and Mental Qualities" Dr. David Rosenthal, Graduate Center, City University of New York
  • 4/18 "Framing and Scheming: What Metaphors Do To - and For - Us" Dr. Elisabeth Camp, Philosophy Department, University of Pennsylvania
  • 4/12 "Zeno is Fein" Greg Fein, KU Philosophy Student
  • 3/22 "God in Retirement: Securalism and the Origins of Modernity" Dr. Eric Johnson, History Department, Kutztown University
  • 3/8 "How to Survive a Zombie Uprising" Greg Fein, KU Philosophy Student
  • 3/1 "The Ideas of Educating and Learning in Confucian Thought" Dr. Chen Lai, Peking University
  • 2/22 "Theories of Science: Underdetermined or What?" Dr. M Ashraf Adeel, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University
  • 2/8 "Islamic Philosophy? Or: The Perils of Multiculturalism" Dr. Allan Back, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University
  • 1/25 "The truth if it 'Suits' You" Michael Barkasi, KU Philosophy Student

Fall 2006

  • 12/1 "Hispanic Identity and Art" Dr. Jorge Gracia, Philosophy Department, University at Buffalo
  • 11/28 "Innate Moral Consciousness and Virtue: A Neo-Confucian Conception" Dr. Yang Guorong, Professor and Director of Institute of Modern Chinese Thoughts and Culture, East China Normal University
  • 11/16 "Women: Source of Sin?" Colleen Fitzgerald
  • 11/2 "Defining Child Abuse" Jonathan DeRaymond, M.Ed.
  • 10/19  "Anarchy in Education: Breaking the Mold of Conservative Pedagogical Practices" Dr. Mark Holowchak, Philosophy Department,  Kutztown University
  • 10/17 "Daoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine" Dr. Linghong Kong, Zhejiang University
  • 9/21 "Citizenship in a Time of War" Dr. Michael Gambone, History Department, Kutztown University
  • 9/7  "Using Your Noodle in Religion," Deanna Smith, KU Philosophy Student

Spring 2006

  • 5/1  "Is Everything Interconnected? Bell's Theorem and Quantum Reality" Dr. Tim Maudlin, Philosophy Department, Rutgers University
  • 4/25  "Writing for the Eye" Dr. Danielle Macbeth, Philosophy Department, Haverford College
  • 3/9 "A Not Too Intelligent Design" Dr. William Towne, Biology Department, Kutztown University
  • 2/23  "Modality and Probability" Dr. Tianping He, Assistant Professor, Research Center for Philosophy of Science and Technology, Shanxi University
  • 2/9  "Ethical Responsibility of Free Speech: Should Danish and other European newspapers have published cartoons denigrating Islam?" A roundtable discussion
  • 1/26  "Invulnerability: Protecting Oneself from the 'Arrows of Fortune'" Dr. Mark Holowchak, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University

Fall 2005

  • 12/09  "The Biological Foundations of Cognitive Science" Dr. Mark Bickhard, Henry R. Luce Professor in Cognitive Robotics and the Philosophy of Knowledge, Lehigh University
  • 11/17  "Race in Medicine" Glenn Ellis
  • 11/03  "The Nature of Community" Erin Bixler
  • 10/17  "Daoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine" Linghong Kong, Director, Daoism Study Center, Zhejiang University, People's Republic of China
  • 10/06  "The Coherence of the Holy Trinity: Three as One"  Matt Reffie, KU Philosophy Student
  • 9/22  "Was Immanuel Kant the Grandfather of the Social Construct of Reality?" Prof. Robert Paul Wolff, Director, Afro-American Studies Program, UMass Amherst
  • 9/8  "Islamic Ways of Knowing" Professor Allan Back, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University

Spring 2005

  • 4/21  "Extreme Makeovers: The Limits of Self-Fashioning" Dennis M. Weiss, York College of Pennsylvania
  • 4/7  "Kant on Criminal Justice" Charles Cieri
  • 3/22  "Zen/Chan Buddhism" Dr. HONG Xiuping, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Nanjing University/Visiting Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute
  • 3/17  "Religion in Politics Today" Professor Fouad Kalouche, Philosophy Department, Albright College
  • 2/24  "Defining Child Abuse" Jonathan DeRaymond, KU Criminal Justice Grad, School Counselor, Bethlehem School District
  • 2/10  "Why No One Knows You Better than Your Dog" James Hall, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University
  • 1/27  "Loving Death" Professor Allan Back, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University

Fall 2004

  • 12/10  "Being Brain-Dead in Japan" Professor William LaFleur, Saunders Professor in Japanese Studies, Dept. of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania
  • 11/18  "Business Ethics: What a Difference Some Fraud Makes" Jason Mugridge, Ernst & Young, KU Graduate
  • 11/04  "Justice and Healthcare" Christy A. Rentmeester, Anderson Fellow in Ethics and Humanities, Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network Graduate Medical Education, Center for Educational Development and Support 
  • 10/07  "Seneca on Suicide and Self-Sufficiency" Dr. Mark Holowchak, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University
  • 9/22  "Theologos as Tyranny" Heather Walters
  • 9/8  "Multiculturalism: Commonality and Difference" Dr. Yong Huang, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University

Spring 2004

  • 4/28  "Unjust War" Dr. Jeff McMahan, Philosophy Department, Rutgers University
  • 4/8 "Buddhist Meditation" Luangpor Thong, Buddhist Monk
  • 3/30  "A Soldier's Personal Experience of War in Iraq" Sergeant John Loomis
  • 3/18  "The Hegemony of Western Knowledge and the Disintegration of Traditional Chinese Learning" Dr. Zhao-Hui Fang, Tsinghua University, Beijing and Harvard-Yenching Institute
  • 02/26  "Are Brains Needed for Consciousness?" Andrew Earley, KU Philosophy Student
  • 02/12  Waking Life: Some Philosophical Questions" Steve Henrick
  • 01/29  "Why Knowledge is Moral and Psychology is Not" Curtis Sharp

Fall 2003

  • 12/05  "Dao De Jing as Process Thought" Dr. Frank Hoffman, Philosophy Department, West Chester University
  • 11/20  "Can Fanaticism be Understood" Jason Chubb
  • 10/30  "Should Life Support be Withdrawn from Terry Schiavo?" Dr. John Lizza, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University
  • 10/16  "Spaceballs" Curtis Sharp and Viral Amin
  • 10/06  "Meet the Philosopher" Dr. Louis Pojman, Professor of Philosophy, United States Military Academy
  • 09/18  "Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Steroids: Coming Clean about Cleaning Up Baseball" Dr. Mark Holowchak, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University
  • 09/04 "Victims and Martyrs: Revisiting 9/11" Marco Drogo, KU student
  • 05/09  "On Quantification" Dr. Zoltan Szabo, Cornell University

Spring 2003

  • 03/27  "9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Part One, Pentagate" Dr. Phillip Ferreira, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University
  • 02/27  "Unlocking the Mystery of Life: The Theory of Intelligent Design" John Studenroth, Ph.D., Bible Fellowship Church
  • 02/13  "I Think; Therefore Siam: Reflections on Thailand" Curtis Sharp
  • 01/30  "Iraq and Non-Violence" Andrew Dorman and Dr. James Hall, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University

Fall 2002

  • 12/06  "The Uses and Abuses of Godel's Incompleteness Theorems" Dr. John Dawson, Penn State York
  • 10/17  "Is Accounting a Criminal Profession?" Jason Mugridge, KU Graduate
  • 10/03  "Embrace Diversity?" Marco Drogo
  • 09/19  "Death of a Dichotomy: Come to the Public Execution of the Two-World Assumption" Andrew Dorman
  • 09/05  "The Contributions of Islamic Philosophy" Dr. Allan Back, Philosophy Department, Kutztown University
  • 05/17  "Truth, Value, and Education: Revising Dewey's Appeal for Shared Meaning" Dr. Jessica Wahman, Dickinson College

Other Topics and Speakers:

  • "Recurring Themes in African American Political Thought" - Bernard Boxill, Prof. of Philosophy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • "Criminal Justice Plotting, Planning and Planting by the Power Elite" - Cora Mae Mann, Prof. Emerita of Criminal Justice, Indiana University and Florida State University
  • "Feminist Ethics: Justice and Care" - Virginia Held, Distinguished Prof. of Philosophy, City University of New York
  • "Is Christianity the Only True Religion?" - Yong Huang, Asst. Prof. of Philosophy, Kutztown University
  • "Non-Violence in the Martial Arts" - Allan Bäck, Prof. of Philosophy, Kutztown University
  • "The Mandala and the Cosmos" - Heidi Ulrich, Student, Kutztown University
  • "The Emergence of the Outsider" - Amanda Winkler, Student, Kutztown University
  • "The Philosophical Basis of Feminism" - Matt Szundy, Student, Kutztown University
  • "What are Bumble Bees For?" - William Towne, Prof. of Biology, Kutztown University
  • "Some Philosophical Implications of Recent Advances in Neuropsychology" - G. Dennis Rains, Prof. of Psychology, Kutztown University
  • "Nature, Myself and Society" - Cory Allan Orndorff, Student, Kutztown University
  • "How to Interpret the Bible Correctly" - Phillip Krey, Asso. Prof. of Church History, Philadelphia Lutheran Theological Seminary
  • "William James and the Intellectuals" - Phillip Ferreira, Asst. Prof. of Philosophy, Kutztown University
  • "Aristotle, The Big Bang, and Creationism" - Gregory Scott, Prof. of Philosophy, New York University
  • "Environmental Ethics in India" - Jayapaul Azariah, Prof. of Zoology, Madras University, Chennai, India
  • "No Thyself - Self-Esteem and Zen Buddhism" - Allan Back, Professor of Philosophy, Kutztown University
  • "Missing Existentialism" - Dr. Timothy Galluci, Prof. of Art Education and Craft, Kutztown University
  • "Christian Idealogy in Myst and Riven" - Lisa Ferrell, Philosophy Student, Kutztown University
  • "Taoist Freedom" - Dr. Yong Huang, Professor of Philosophy, Kutztown University
  • "The Predicament: Cultural Relativism and Universal Values" - Dr. Allen Fanger, Prof. of Anthropology and Sociology, Kutztown University
  • "Pythagorean Number Mysticism" - Father Theodore Heckman
  • "A Science of Racism?" - Joseph Smith, Student, Kutztown University
  • "How Reason Determines Conduct: Moral Feelings in Kant" - Charles Stone, University of Cincinnati
  • "Heaven: Here and Now A Chinese Perspective" - Professor Guorong Yang, Chair, Department of Philosophy, East China Normal University
  • "Headbirths: Reconceiving Russell's Theory of Definite Descriptions" - Stephen Hoffert, Department of Philosophy, University of Cincinnati
  • "Abortion, Death, and Potentiality" - Dr. John Lizza, Chairperson, Department of Philosophy, Kutztown University
  • "Paradigm Shift: From System to Symbol in Social Construction of the Self" - Dr. Diane Johnson, Professor of Sociology, Kutztown University
  • "Darwin Among the Machines" - Dr. Philip T. Grier, Department of Philosophy, Dickinson College