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Student Association

KU Philosophy Student Association

The KU Philosophy Student Association or "Philosophy Club" is very active and features bi-monthly meetings (usually every other Thursday from 11:00 to 11:50 a.m. in MSU). The meetings feature a student, faculty member, or invited guest speaker, and open discussion. Topics vary with the interests of the students in the club. It has provided a forum for bringing national and international scholars to the university for visiting lectures. The meetings also provide an opportunity for students to present their own research, discuss their interests, or simply float new ideas. Students in the club regularly present papers at regional philosophy conferences and publish their work in undergraduate journals of philosophy. 

Philosophy Club explores a wide range of philosophical issues of interest to both students and the university community. The club is open to all, not just majors. All we require is intellectual curiosity and an open mind.

Interested in giving a talk or recommending a speaker? Contact one of the faculty advisors listed below.

Look for our announcements in the Daily Brief and on Facebook, or call the Philosophy Department at (610) 683-4230 to find out when the next meeting is.

Current Officers

President - Jay Winkleman

Vice President - Brendan O'Brien

Treasurer - Keyana Kern

Parliamentarian - Josh Steinberg

Secretary - Craig Roundsaville

Liason - Bob Thomas

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Allan Back 

Dr. Joseph Jedwab


Student Association Facebook Group Link

NEXT TALK- "Revolution in Philosophy"

Dr. Danielle Macbeth, Philosophy Department, Haverford College

January 30, 2015  430 MSU 312

Reception to follow


Past Talk Topics


For more information about the philosophy program at Kutztown University, contact Prof. John Lizza, Chair of the Philosophy Department, Old Main "A" Wing Room 313,  Tel: 610-683-4233,